December 31
07:18 2017

By Gooogle News Team

“ *An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in.  A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves”.*

When perception pretends to be the reality, insinuation masquerades as incontrovertible evidence and emotions overtake practical common sense, it’s time to sit back and reflect.

And let us sit back and reflect on the year 2017 to perceive on whether the New Year 2018 would be any different.

The year 2017 ended on a very “bizarre and more ambivalent note’ for the denizens of the nations that hoped, cheered ,voted and waited for those promised and ever alluding “Achche Din”.

Indicating that The New Year-2018 will bring along with it more “miseries than cheers” to the confused lot in the circles of Nation’s public school of thought and the people as a whole.

While it would be a “party time” for the Nation’s leadership that is on perennial poll mode, the “party” would be over for the people  that are longing for Achche Din, as it would be no “cheers” but “bottoms up”, while the dawning of New Year would witness them in “hangover” mode.

Thanks tothe “tomfooleries” of the polity that is leading them.

Well, it’s that time of year. It is a time to look back and reflect on the year that was, the ups the downs, the good, bad, and the ugly.

But, if you are a liberal and common man and uneducated, unlike the educated patriot, that was looking at the horizon with a hope of seeing “Achche Din”, 2017 was nothing like you thought it would have been.

What was supposed to be a year of “Achche Din” celebration and jubilation became one of moaning, groaning, gnashing of teeth, and the National Flag designed to resemble a weapon that is raised to lynch those democratic dissenting voices.

During the year, every day, in one part the other, we common men witnessed efforts of an organised vigilantism to silence the good citizen and paralysing the democratic dissenting voices into inaction labelling them anti-nationals.

The year witnessed so called Patriotic Hindutva vigilantes going brazen as never before.

The fact that the RSS-BJP rules as many as 19 states, besides running the central government, has vitalised the vigilantes.

They believe that their violence is tacitly approved by their political masters, who will intercede on their behalf with the administration if it has the temerity to act against them.

It was also a year in which the people of the nation silently witnessed its Prime Minister abandoning his much hyped “Vikas” plank, as the thrust of campaigning and reverted to his tested communal polarization formula, reduced to begging for votes in the name of Gujarati ‘Asmitha’.

It was also a year in which a Prime Minister who took over the office by pledging to safeguard democratic principles, spearheaded an election where he lied as never before and made the most bizarre analogies and statements to communalize the voters.

It was also a year in which the National Media acquired a new position of being official spokespersons of the ruling dispensation.

The year saw on Television screens, the Batman equivalent National TV Anchors/Editors-in-Chief  going jingoistic by their unrelenting obsession for patriotism and inspired by the sacrifices of the newfound “Super Neta” leading this country.

They enlisted a host of panellists drawn from the army, the law, the administration, and other apparatuses of the state including Right wing lenient Intellectuals to form a “Patriots’ league” to save this country from getting disintegrated through the conspiracies of so called “Seditious Indians”.

The year witnessed our Patriotic anchors fighting and directing the surgical strikes across LoC and in the Kashmir valley, across TV studios as Army veterans along with panellists from Pakistan contesting as if they, and not the brave soldiers, while Anchors commanding them, are actually fighting thewar across LoC.

And it was the year, if you are a stupid common man, you just died. Because, ghar main shaadi hai paise nahin hai.

It was the year, in which Ghar mein shaadi hai, paise nahin hai…’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi joked and poked fun at the miseries of common man, at an event in Japan a day after announcing ‘demonetization.

It was the year if you were Gali JanardhanReddy, you invited thousands of people, spent several crores, publicly displayed your opulence and laughed at the “Shaadi-but-no-Paisa” joke.

It was the year, in which,  the Prime Minister went around foreign soils to enthral the NRI audience making a “Money Joke” on miseries of the Common man whom his much hyped and audacious demonetization move alleged to have benefitted.

It was the year, where , the so called “Patriotic” middle class Indian is busy mired in moralization of politics, infusing emotion into policy debates and narrowing down the whole narrative into a single question, “Are you in support of Modiji or not?”, Or, “Are you a Nationalist or not?”.

It was the year, the common man’s story made into a metaphor of our times, it’s tale of a wedding and many funerals.

The year 2017 was nothing but a narrative of a “new war” between morals where all individuality had been effaced with “Every citizen being painted, alternatively, as a patriot or a criminal or Pro-Modi or Anti-Modi.

Well, the new year 2018 be any different, a conjecture of time.

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