May 20
05:19 2018

” Every exit is an entrance to somewhere else”

For those who breath a sigh of relief that the Karnataka political tamashaa was over and to those supporters of Congress who are celebrating the consolation win…

….Don’t feel relieved and don’t celebrate so early, for the game is not over..

It is my intuition that the curtains are yet to fall on Karntaka drama…

If I am being preposterous to say that it is just intermission for the drama, so be I..

Remember, the whole narrative that ended in the resignation of Yeddy had pinched the aura of invincibility and the hallow of ego that surrounded Narendra Modi, and Amit Shah, who were hardly faced electoral defeat since 2014.

If anyone in Congress thinks and goes into celebration mode, one may wait for the hangover troubles.

The present discourse of the narrative could not have been possible but for timely intervention of the SC.

More importantly, for the patience of both the Congress and JDS MLAs, who for strange reasons, did not fall prey to the enticement of BJP’s lollipops…

It was neither smart aggressive moves of the Congress, nor for the sudden love of the BJP to seek high moral grounds, but for the timely intervention of SC and also the unusual loyalty shown by opposition flock, which is a rare display in the era of ugly opportunistic politics.

The decision of the SC that it would continue hear the case and release of a series of audio tapes exposing efforts of horse trading by BJP leaders, injected an apprehension in BJP leadership which asked Yeddy to raise his arms in surrender, as it did not want to taint its reputation in the election year.

Yeddy’s admission, in his emotion filled, a la Vajpayee like farewell speech that his party failed to lure away congress legislators was a manifestation that had there been enough time the BJP would have horse traded the opposition MLAs.

Well, such acceptance of Failure of BJP, which often goes around the town claiming ” Don’t worry, we have Modi”, to entice its MLAs might be a consolation victory for congress, which has been nursing wounds of defeat for the last four years.

But, the game is not over, since the wounded duo of BJP leadership whose ego has been pricked, is unlikely to sit in silence and lament in loneliness on the setback in Karnataka…

The pre-intermission of Karnataka belonged to the opposition which should be thanking, not its stars, but SC, which proved that it has not compromised its credibility to the machinations of Right-winger infiltration into its functioning.(Am I sounding hypocrite here, not my fault, but the revolt its own judges).

The hurt duo of BJP would come out with vengeance post -intermission of Karnataka drama as it is novice to expect them to watch Congress celebrate its consolation victory claiming that its victory for democracy..

It is just a temporary victory for democracy as one might witness more twists in the post-intermission of Karnataka Drama..

The drama is not yet over.

Kumaraswamy shall have to face the floor test.

Yeddy, in his emotional speech gave a hint of twists that would follow when he said that he did not know when elections have to be fought again.

Yeddy’s resignation is a tactical retreat in the face of fear of SC decision and exposure of audio tapes and not an act of claiming high moral ground.

But, a tactical move to buy more time and a breather to come out with another plan to topple the so called unholy alliance government.

Because, it would be more appropriate for this unholy government to fall on its own weight, so that the claims of high moral grounds by BJP would be further vindicated and the credibility of the Duo of the BJP as saviour of Democracy would be further cemented..

So, efforts would be on to make sure the weak alliance falls on its own weight..

There is every chance, efforts would be on to trade horses, by the time Kumaraswamy goes for floor test…

With wafer thin majority and some sulking species in its ranks, the opposition still finds itself on the danger of cracking, as the wounded duo of BJP leadership continues to intensify thier efforts to hunt for the weaklings among JDS ranks…

Kumaraswamy might find it difficult to balance the interests of a host of resenting voices within his ranks to survive in the floor test…

The opposition can’t claim for ever – “Don’t worry , we have Supreme Court”.., for, after all, the BJP it’s – ” Don’t worry- We have Modi”..

Just fetch a popcorn bucket and wait for the curtains to go up to watch the post -intermission narrative of Karnataka Drama …

The drama is not over..the poachers are lurking in the dark..

One can hear the hiss of the wounded beasts…

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