July 29
04:00 2018

“ No point in public debate in a society where hardly anyone has been told how to think, while millions have been indoctrinated on what to think?”

It was a long wait of 12 hrs, after Rahul Gandhi, (Pappu for many BJP supporters), had stolen an act from Modi’s signature style of theatrics, and exceeded the expectations, for the whole nation to glue to the TV sets with excitement hoping for Narendra Modi, the master articulator to come out with his oratory skills to counter Rahul’s abuses and slogans head-on and turn it around in a masterful response of a Prime Minster who means business.

Alas, it turned out to be a disappointing climax for what appeared to be an exciting and meaningful Parliament session after a long time.

It was possible that the BJP leadership might have walked out of the parliament feeling unhappy, despite comfortable vote count in its favour.

To understand the reason for their going home disappointed one need not be an expert in rocket science.

While Rahul, the Pappu, stole the headlines with his act of exceeding the expectations after delivering a feisty speech with a “Hug and Wink” theatrical ending, Modi, the master articulator ended up much less of a weapon than he usually is.

He ended up more like a “politician” “reacting” after he was taken by surprise by a much weak and immature opponent than a “Statesman PM” “responding” with all the appropriate answers to all the allegations levelled at him by the opposition ranks during a debate that tested the confidence of the Parliament on his governance and policies.

He ended up with a speech full of rhetoric and no substance to create political capital out of a seemingly tricky script that exposed his failures in the august house of the Parliament.

The speech was a concoction of biting sarcasm and ridiculous rebuttals with the usual dose of emotional masala of his being a son of a backward cast mother etc.

The master juggler of the words was trying to do multiple things at the same time revolving around same old narrative to remind the audience how one dynasty has permanently monopolised power within the Congress and has treated any challenger to their monopoly with contempt.

His reply was an exercise of a rhetorical craft to wriggle out of the situation on a day when his much weak opponent whom he and his party leaders disregard as a “Pappu” and no worth competitor” stole the limelight answering in his own signature style of rhetoric and grabbed the headlines.

The whole debate in the end turned out to be a bout in which an “Amateur Opponent” who amounts not much in Parliament throwing challenging punches and the “Reigning Champion” ducking uncomfortably in defence.

He appeared a pale shadow of his classic version, where he was trying to search for weeds while reading out from his notes, an unusual display for the leader who is matchless when it comes to oratorical skill.

His supporters might say that he turned the tables head on against the opposition denying the bitter fact that he made a mess of a chance by concentrating more on rhetoric and sarcasm.

But, on a day when Nehru-Gandhi scion, the person hardly disregarded as novice before the Master articulator, crafted a “Hug, Hug Hurray” moment with a wink to grab the entire attention to tell that I had gained “Confidence” to take on Modi, in a debate on “No-Confidence Motion” Modi fell back on his old rhetoric to wrest back the control over the narrative.

His oratorical skill is now sounding like a “Jarring Broken Record”, which the people have now gotten fatigue of listening with nothing substance to offer.

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