October 08
18:14 2019
Chameleon is the animal which change according to surrounding, a feature similar to politician. Politics is a strange chameleon kind world at which there are no permanent foes or friends is an often repeated cliché.
  The latest to prove this cliched saying right is N Chandrababu Naidu(CBN), the “once upon a time poster boy” of AP politics is fighting a ‘do or die’ battle, perhaps the toughest political phase of his political career. In the public school of Andhra Pradesh, following the huge setback in elections, there was not a single day in which CBN was not in news. CBN, without any doubt, is a dynamic and enormously successful politician, but he suffers from a kind of chameleon trait, with no fixed personality; just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean. As things stand, CBN supposed to be waging his political battle against both YS Jagan, his principal opponent in the state and Modi, whom he alleged to have conspired with YS Jagan in handing over him one of the worst electoral setbacks of his electoral life. 

Is he still,But, just after four months he severed ties with Modi, he appeared to be changing his tactics. This was evident when he decided to field his candidate in the Huzurnagar by-elections. It is an act of sending a message to Modi that he is no longer allied with the Congress, a gambit which he unsuccessfully adapted in Telangana Assembly elections. And in what appears to be a leaf out of the Hindutva ideological archives, he accused YS Jagan of violating Tirumala Temple traditions by not stating that he is a Christian, when he offered silk robes to the deity during the Brahmostavam ceremony.

The discourse that he has spun around YS Jagan’s faith seems to have drawn inspiration from the BJP’s language.Both the above moves manifest a kind of overtures to Modi that he is willing to reconsider his alliance with the BJP in order to take on YS Jagan, his principal nemesis in the state.It is an indication that the perennial opportunist in him began to waver towards BJP with an olive branch in hand.

Does it signal that Naidu could do another chameleon act and join hands with Modi?

TDP insiders say that their boss is contemplating the idea of sending peace feelers to Modi to seek enough strength to take on Jagan and save his party, which is currently facing its worst-ever existential crisis. His close aides say that he is regretting the decision to sever ties with the BJP as historical blunder and to time had come to correct it.

“You can change the sheets, but not the lover who is on them”, declares, “Hate Story-IV”, the Bollywood movie.” This is what exactly, CBN appeared to have done,like narrative of ‘Political Hate Story-III” that had unfolded between him and Narendra Modi. ( Hate Story-III because, this is not the first time CBN had changed relations with Modi). CBN’s relations with Narendra Modi had always appered cordial in the past, but they share a bitter history, in which at one point CBN had even sought the suspension of Modi, as Chief Minister of Gujarat accusing him of masterminding 2001 riots, he in fact withdrew support to Vajpayee led NDA accusing it of communal conspiracy.

Modi is clever enough to understand CBN’s chameleon character. Despite such love and hate relations, CBN has this knack of changing friends and foes alike. One needs no rocket science to know what exactly Chandra Babu Naidu is scripting for his “Political Hate Story-III”.Pushed in to the corner by YS Jagan, He is shrewd enough to understand that the BJP too is changing its policy to emerge as an alternative in AP at the cost of YS Jagan. CBN, the kingmaker once he was, is now finding himself in a tight spot which was suffocating him.

  He is trying to create a new narrative for himself and he cannot, in the present position of weakness take on both YS Jagan and Modi. The reason behind scripting the latest Political Hate Story, by him, regardless of his present relations with Modi, in fact, stems from his own political insecurity.     Given the all-round decimation of the regional parties and Modi’s ambitious and relentless expansion plans, he fears that a resurgent Modi may relegate him to an extreme marginalized position, even as he and his party BJP targeting YS Jagan simultaneously.

The BJP has been a natural and long-time ally of the TDP, even at difficult times for NTR, such came as the 1985 coup. The BJP even helped NTR get back to power with massive public support in the fight against the Congress.Having said the above, what would be the plot of Political Hate Story-III?

  He appears to be signaling that he has still not changed his lover, only the sheets, as a patch up with the lover could still be possible, at least before next elections. 

The immediate task of the Hate story-III is to send feelers to the estranged lover.As he had run out of ideas to defend himself and in his grim battle for political survival, he senses there is no better way than send feelers to Modi that by severing ties with him five months back, he only changed bed sheets and their relationship of love….

  Six months down the line after the rout in elections, with his “obnoxious duplicity written all over” politics of opportunism, CBN, once again on course to demonstrate with panache that “opportunist politics” is the cornerstone of his way of doing politics and That he is a “Perennial Opportunist” No doubt, chameleons won’t be feeling ashamed, because they are not the only creatures that change colorss 

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