An Eulogy of KCR or An Epitaph of State BJP

An Eulogy of KCR or An Epitaph of State BJP

July 29
04:24 2018

” Here lies Telangana BJP- The perennial Tail Party”

It’s not very long time ago that Amit Shah said that Telangana should become the gateway for the BJP in south India.

He was discussing the strategy for the polls in the state, where the party has a minimal presence with his state leaders.

In other words, the directions for the state leadership are to focus on to take on TRS, with a series of state-wide agitations as part of election strategy.

While its state leadership was trying to punch above its weight to take on TRS, its central leadership seemed to be boxing the TRS with soft gloves.

     And KCR, while sparing no words to abuse the local BJP leaders, is sending feelers to the BJP national leadership of his eagerness to be in Modi’s signature style hug.

    The BJP needs to gain an entry in Telangana, something that it has been desperately looking for.

But, the state leadership seems to have no clue on how they should take on KCR, given the soft approach of its national leadership, the subtle praise of Modi heaped on KCR during his reply to the debate on no-confidence motion further complicated thier dilemma.

Modi seemed to have either timed wrongly or ignored the state BJP’s strategic concerns when he praised KCR.

His eulogy of KCR comes at a time the BJP State leadership is caught in a typical Hamletian dilemma of ‘To be or not to be’ in regard to its relations with TRS.

This is precisely the reason why a section of BJP Telangana leadership displays political faintheartedness in questioning the TRS government.

This deprives the BJP, leave alone, taking of any advantage from possible anti-incumbency against KCR, further deprives it any space to take on KCR.

Modi praised KCR, saying he was sagacious enough to focus on development instead of quarrels.

Nothing could have riled State BJP more and furthered its dilemma.

But, Modi’s unwitting (or is it deliberate) act of shattering State BJP’s strategy and its efforts of consolidation is only half the story.

subtle praise of KCR is a shrwed move with 2019 on the radar.

Modi has bought an insurance policy for himself, (albeit, at the cost of his leaders in Telangana), in case the BJP falls short of the 272 mark next year.

And what better way to please KCR than be wary of the concerns of the state BJP leadership.

It means, the BJP cannot realise its dreams of coming to power in Telangana as it would only be a junior partner in any alliance that emerges, a message that Modi hinted in his subtle eulogy of KCR.

And in his Eulogy of KCR, Modi seemed to have drafted the Epitaph of state BJP.

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