June 22
09:19 2018

“ A Politician can have charisma as long as the people he deals with are dumb”

For many discerning political observers, Chandrababu Naidu, the self-trumpeted ” 40 years Industry” somehow, enacting the great Humpty Dumpty, a fictional character of Lewis Carroll, a comically pompous figure.

His politics of defying the all powerful Modi following withdrawal of his support to Modi led Government appeared as final and fatal as that of said fictional character who moments before his crash was boasting of his authority telling Alice, “When I use a word it just means what I choose it to mean— neither more, nor less” and as ultimate and audacious as Tamil Super star Rajnikanth’s famous one liner “My way-highway”.

By adapting Confrontational stand against Modi, Babu had been making different headlines since he withdrew from being an ally of Modi.

His revised position( or is it U-Turn politics) on demonetisation, special status for AP, 15thFinance Commission allocations, etc. should thus be seen in context of the fresh positioning that he has taken against Modi.

Over the years, when Babu was part of the NDA led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee and LK Advani, he had gone from strength to strength, both in terms of number of seats that his party contested in the state Assembly and in Lok Sabha elections.

He used to have complete sway in the NDA affairs and his voice mattered a lot in national politics. His nominees would make to Raj Bhawans and Judiciary also.

By declaring a political war against Modi, Babu had probably convyed a message to the all powerful Modi that he is not very happy with certain things and is positioning himself and his party for 2019 parliamentary elections by rallying Anti-Modi forces.

And, thus, He has been sending a stern message to Modi that he has to fight 2019 elections on much more tougher ground against forces that would be coordinated by him.

So far so good..

He had a very good opportunity to further display the intensity of his confrontationist politics at the recent meeting of NITI Agog, wherein, his address on the occasion sounded more a cracker burst.

He had another opportunity to send a message that he is indeed committed on his present war with Modi, in the form of observing International Yoga Day.

Even a layman understands that International Yoga Day is a “Photo Ops” more about consolidating Modi’s image than anything being a message for well being of the nation.

By attending and making it State government sponsored programme, Babu raised many eyebrows among political circles.

When, he is very critical of Modi’s policies like Demonetisation, GST etc., it was ironical on his part to participate in Yoga Day, which is by all means being organised as political grand show of Modi.

He is no novice not to understand that Yoga Day is Modi government’s idea to organise it in a big way, and make it a big national event where top ministers, top officials, leading public personalities and the entire governmental and ruling BJP organisational machinery come into play to make everything related to it a grand, extravagant public show to consolidate image of Modi, at a time, his credibility is on the dip.

By both organising and participating in it Babu, only furthered the political objective of the Yoga Day.

Thus, had he abstained from either organising or participating in it, would have sent a message of real intent of his present politics to take on Modi.

Thus, his absence from Yoga Day politics would have its own meaning.

An astute politician like him should have understood that by staying out of the event or by being in silent mode over the issue would have instantly become an issue of public debate, more so when the event was being organised in the backdrop of his soured relations with Modi.

By being absent or non-committal to participate in Yoga Day would have been perfect stage for Babu to send a message to Modi as well as people of AP that he meant business.

Alas, it was never like that and by participating in the event he appeared like Alice in Yoga Land.

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