August 13
08:56 2019

“Haters are always cowards; they like to pick on little guys.”

…And the irate customer of Zomato who refused to accept food delivered by a Muslim delivery boy is one such hater.

He not only picked up a poor delivery boy to display his religious bigotry, but also showcased the elitist reaction of lack of empathy on hardworking little individuals like the Zomato delivery boys.

What made the customer to display his elitist religious hate mongering against a poor little delivery boy.

The act of the customer reflected the polarizing times we are in.

It also warns us that the religious polarization is undergoing a revival across the country at every conceivable stage and platform triggering religious intolerance.

The belief that India is a secular country is being shattered.

Social hostilities include crime/acts of violence motivated by religious hatred or bias, use of force to dominate public life with their perspective on religion, etc., have become an order of the day.

The Zomato delivery boy incident, however trivial it appears, pretty well sums up how bigotry has been on the rise in our country. And the worse part is, too often, no one blinks an eye.

The Zomato incident is not one of those isolated cases, as not very long time back, an Air tel female customer demanded a “Hindu representative” from Air tel because she said she had “no faith” in a Muslim man’s “working ethics”.

The latest Zomato incident is just one in many of a series of thinly-veiled hate statements from people who are very vocal on social media about their hate-infused opinions.

One may call Zomato of being hypocritical to mention the tag of “halaal” on restaurants that serve “Halaal” food.

The tag Halaal is only an informed choice whether one wants eat Halaal food or not, therefore it’s a mere food choice, while in the case of not accepting food delivered by an individual of another religion is certainly a display of hate over the religion of the delivery boy.

Last, has the Zomato brand taken a hit? Well, yes and no.

This controversy will be forgotten in the next few days. That we all know. Some customers may remember the Zomato’s riposte of “Food has no religion, food is religion”, some may not.

But for the likes of Zomato or similar others, the customer has been warmed up for all times to the perils of the growing religious hate mongering.

An important matter of the notion that the country is being secular has been shattered and reality that efforts are on to consolidate “Hate Industry” has been exposed in more arrogant manner.

It has also been exposed that without tolerance towards another person’s basic rights, chest-beating love for the nation becomes a superficial, hollow devotion.



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