June 01
05:38 2018

 A variety of favorite dishes of TDP founder Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao served at Mahanadu might have tasted stale for Chandrababu Naidu………..

 ….. For, somehow, at Mahanadu, the TDP supremo appeared a pale shadow of his old self.

 Whatever the explanations or the political resolutions adapted at Mahanadu, the ongoing conflict with Narendra Modi and BJP comes as a personal setback for CBN, whose halo has diminished ever since he declared a political war against Narendra Modi.
Once hailed for his administrative skills and political moves, he has little to show for himself at Mahanadu except for presenting himself as the victim of conspiracies of BJP.
Not only has he lost his past charisma, he is having a tough time to defend himself from his own failures, while trying to create a political melodrama around the alleged betrayal of Narendra Modi.  
His past super CEO of AP kind shenanigans worked excellently until he parted ways with Modi, before gradually losing his political plot to banal moralising.
As the Self-styled architecture of New AP stumbles along in his attempt to get to the promised aid from the Central government, the four year political narrative he built  on fantasies moves further away and collapses into a potpourri of blame Modi and unconvincing rhetorical call to the people of AP to brace up to  payback Modi.
The absence of any actual progress vis-à-vis construction of world class capital city combines with his, now “Me Victim” of Modi’s betrayal lament make his achievements, if any, questionable, if not a flight of fantasy.
The Mahanadu, somehow, turned out to be a platform to launch tirade and Modi bashing, raising curtains on the strategy to be adapted by the frustrated politician in Babu.

As, the shrewd strategist in Naidu would not have turned the Mahanadu into an event of Modi bashing without any political strategy.
His would be strategy could be  understood from the following aspects:

·  Post-bifurcation scenario in AP.

·  The change in scenario in the run up to the 2019 elections.
 Post 2014 elections, CBN was shrewd enough to understand the despair among the people of AP and could successfully market himself to be the right choice through his deft political skill portraying Congress as the villain of bifurcation.
 He sold his past experience of being an able administrator and an excuse on why he allied with Narendra Modi, manufacturing an opinion among the people that the ravaged state needs an experienced leader who enjoys the centre’s liberal support to lead them to come out of the wounds inflicted by the arbitrary bifurcation.
Now, in 2019, it is no guarantee that the same strategy of politics around bifurcation may or may not be well received by the people.
Having put all his responsibilities in the basket of Modi, he was cleverly waiting for an opportunity to build a new political narrative around which he could do electioneering in 2019.
Narendra Modi’s alleged blatant betrayal of what was promised to Andhra Pradesh came in handy for him and his party to build a melodrama around his being “Victim” of Modi’s conspiracies.
 For all his attempts to root out the problems being faced by him, his latest strategy exists in the same kind of vacuum in which superheroes from graphic movies thrive.
  His latest moves might usher in for an interesting politics in the state, but, there is potential of all his “Me Righteous” claims to fade into background of mere political melodrama.
 The narrative he is trying to build might move away from common sense as it descends into a pure politics genre territory, while not helping him to take the people along.
The myth of his being the “Victim” of Modi’s conspiracy took over the politician in Babu, but he needs to ensure that the able leader in him matters too.

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