December 08
07:44 2018

Elections determine who is in power, but they do not determine how power is to be used.

A concerned thought on what happened yesterday during elections. A lot of registered voters found their names missing in the voters list….

In our Constitutional Scheme of Democracy and Governance, Governments cannot be formed and run on manipulated and faulty electoral system.

People cannot be ruled by those who orchestrate to come to power on such flawed, distorted and manipulated Election and Voting process ensuring that a bare minimum votes gets polled to their advantage.
The way it is seen and as is being complained that innumerable names of Registered Voters across the State have disappeared from the Voters list, inspite of having Official Voter ID Cards, the elections that have taken place and the voting that has been done cannot be said to be a VOTING as per law and as per Democratic Norms.

Election Commission of India has to Immediately intervene, consider and seriously think of dealing with this situation, and take steps to save Democracy

There is a need for the Constitutional Courts too to take consider this large scale disappearance of votes in the Voters List, and thus depriving the registered voters from exercising their sacred right to vote, and take Suo Moto Cognizance of this Fraud on the Constitution that happened, and take remedial steps.

Inspite of the Constitution speaking, saying and Mandating that it is composed of – THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, most of these PEOPLE which the Constitution is constituted of, have been denied their VOTING RIGHTS.

This denial of voting rights of these PEOPLE who are the pillars of our Indian Constitution is nothing but defacing and demolishing our Indian Constitution.

Should the Constitutional Courts of our Country permit such defacing and demolishing our Constitution? Will the High Lords of Law and Justice in our Country permit this Brazen denial of the sacred voting right to a vast majority of the registered Voters?

The Election Commission of India, should, in the circumstances, consider even cancelling the Voting and Election process that took place on the 7th and have a proper Electoral Roll prepared and Re-Election Held even if it takes a heavy on the National Exchequer, and thereby ensure that all the registered voters have a chance to exercise their sacred franchise to vote…

No doubt, the election process in the largest democracy of the world has become become a situation where the contest is how much you can destroy the system, rather than how much you can make it work.

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