Decoding emergence of BJP in Tripura

Decoding emergence of BJP in Tripura

Decoding emergence of BJP in Tripura
March 03
13:35 2018

Tripura elections could be seen as the first ever direct between the Left and the Right in Indian politics, thanks to an onlooker role of the Congress.

And it could also be a prelude what would be in store in Kerala. The BJP exploited lack of clear Opposition and emerged as voters’ choice in Tripura.
The primary challenge for the BJP was to present itself to the electorate as a viable alternative to the Left. It may be pertinent to recall that there was no opposition to the Left Government for the past 24 years.

The Congress central leadership, somehow, was comfortable in sacrificing Tripura, in return of support of Communists in the UPA I and otherwise.
As a result, a majority of BJP candidates who won, this time were, actually are former Congressmen, who crossed fence to the BJP.

Therefore, it is unfair to say that the communists were enjoying the support of the people for the last two decades or so, and hence were in power.
The electorate voted the communists to power because it had no other choice.
This was the window of opportunity which the BJP, with its election winning machinery, could effectively exploit.

On the other hand , the BJP built upon the organisational edifice of the RSS, which had been working in the region for the past four years, in particular..The alliance of the BJP with¬†Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura¬†(IPFT) was also a meticulous move.

With its decisive defeat in these elections, it can safely be concluded that the Left is rapidly losing its significance in the Indian society and polity, in line with the global trend. It needs to make suitable changes in its thought to make it workable with democracy or face an imminent extinction. Hope, the party Congress to be held in Hyderabad would be used to introspection than to further differences between Karat lobby and Yechury group.

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