July 07
13:03 2018

“ The oblique paradox of propaganda is that the lie in the throat becomes, by repetition, the truth in the heart”.
Philosophers and mathematicians through the ages have invented and then tried to crack their own paradoxes. 
A study of these paradoxes from the Socratic maxim that only he who knows he is ignorant is knowledgeable to Cantor’s mathematics of infinity has tied the human mind into knots.
The on-going dilemma among the people of the ravaged state of AP over whether the so called “Dharma Poraatam” ( a new moniker for a struggle more for his political survival), that defies all logics, will work out for the development of the state is also one such paradox that has been tying the minds of the people in the state into knots.
Well, the problem in not able to understand the paradox vis-à-vis CBN’s “Dharma Poraatam” (or according to some doubters lack of “Dharmam” in it) case is not the result of some trivial error in the reasoning, but the whole gamut of reasoning itself.
Governance in a democracy, (particularly in states like Andhra Pradesh whose voters are ever swayed by “make-believe cinematic worldly promises” made by their leaders like CBN), is always a tricky business, as N. Chandrababu Naidu, the “self-styled” CEO of the new state of Andhra Pradesh would testify..
Barely four years back, the faithful in the media including Pawan Kalyan, the then power star turned sidekick of CBN, with Narendra Modi standing tall between them, had bought the idea of high expectations.
The trio went to the town that his tenure, with the support of Narendra Modi and time to time questioning by PK on deviation from the promises, if any, would be a bold experiment or blessing in disguise that was bound to change the fortunes of the people who were wretched by the alleged foolhardy decision of the Congress (read Sonia Gandhi) to bifurcate the state.
Four years down the line, supporters for such a view are more difficult to find, while both Modi and Pawan had become targets of “Dharma Poraatam”.
Opinion now is being swayed by indications that the subjects of Chandrababu Naidu’s experiment – the people of new state of Andhra Pradesh – are gradually getting more sceptical of his reign.
To a population devastated first by the bifurcation of the state, second by inheritance of deficit fiscal situation, third by the vulnerability of agriculture, the principal source of livelihood in the rural areas, and taken for a fantasy ride by the promise of “a la Singapore” fast-track development, a sudden clarion call (or is it a U-Turn) by their leader for “Dharma Poraatam” is indeed a “Paradox”.
The questions are flying thick and fast: Why didn’t Babu start this Dharma Poraatam as soon as Modi opened his stand on SCS?
What happened? Why did he first accept Special Package and term SCS was no Sanjeevani?
 And, why the sudden love for SCS and why come up with Conspiracy theories?
Babu almost teared up, Lokesh Babu offered a blank response and TDP leaders, in their confused state, tried to explain, Pawan Kalyan suddenly found a voice to explain (read question).
It took four years, for Babu to throw his vision 2029 into the dirty waters of Krishna and seek recourse in Victimhood of Modi’s political manoeuvres.
Well past four years, they all tried to explain or is it “they all tried to take the despondent Telugus for a fantasy ride.
But, people of AP were left shocked and stunned by the guileful Babu calling for Dharma Poraatam, Modi’s tactical ingenuity and artful conspiracies, supported by the potent trident of the combative Pawan Kalyan.
 The way things are unfolding, particularly in Andhra Pradesh gives rise to suspicion that ever since Babu walked out of the Modi’s scheme of things, the political scene is getting murkier not by the day but by the hour.
The sense of helplessness or “Me the Victim” is the main Political project of the so called “Dharma Poraatam”.
Babu’s new “Avataar” as the “Victim” of Modi’s conspiracies is a clever strategy and a masterstroke to counter Modi’s betrayal into an opportunity.
*And, Dharma Poraatam a smokescreen to hide his failures.

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