May 17
04:01 2018

” Sometimes, in a lose there is a win”.

By giving a hung verdict, the Karnataka voters sent a message that they had very little choice to choose between both the Congress and the BjP.
It is a fine example of mental maturity of the Karnataka people.
They did not forthrightly reject the Congress, while being very frank in saying that BJP’s theories of Vikas are cosmetic.
By halting, BJP, short of majority , the voters cautioned or rather warned the BJP, that it is time for its leadership to stop rhetoric and start concentrating on Vikas, which , it promised.
The mandate is a reflection of wisdom by the voters.
Having said that the mandate also a fine example that it is not talk of Vikas, but mere rhetoric of propaganda that would fetch votes.
Here, Vikas slogan hardly touched the voters, but the machinations of propaganda machinery of the parties that swayed the voting pattern signalling a danger to democracy and compromise of other constitutional institutions .
While, the voters exercised thier wisdom and maturity, they ignored a fact that by handing over such a mandate they helped a situation for equestrian events(Horse trading) and to resort politics and a chance to the parties to disrespect thier verdict.
The voters helped the parties to take the politics a turn for the worst, from service to the people to pursuit of power.
They gave a free run to the parties to create an ugly scene, where, now politicians are trying to come to power by hook or crook.
It is disturbing trend where Democracy is being ridiculed.
Democracy is at stake and under severe challenge.
The Governor is now forced to act as the Kingmaker, thus inviting doubts over his impartiality.
The country is now in the hands of leaders who are not statesmen.
It is in the hands of mean men who propagate falsehood and compromise ethics and to push the democracy into the danger..
It is Gabbar Singh is back scenario-
where the Governor would be asking those who stake thier claim to form the government :
CUT..pack up..
Time for Horse trading, please.
But, for Karnataka voter, it is victory of wisdom, even, though, they lost the game in cautioning thier leaders in thier verdict…

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