Flood Management -YSR style

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Flood Management -YSR style

Flood Management -YSR style
August 06
05:48 2019
Iu and his teams in the past , there is no great focus on the drama.
s Nero Singing when Rome is burning or a welcome change in Godavari flood management of relief, rehabilitation and rescur operations .

From the outside it appears to be same happening in AP . The ruling party and the rulers have left everything to bureaucrats to manage the show of Godavari flood relief , rehabilitation and rescue operations . Unlike the hungama created by Chandrababu Naidu. Chief Secretary L V Subramanyam is in charge of all relief, rescue and rehabilitation activities , though the state ministers are helping him out .

 Reports that many mandals of Kona Seea including Mummadivaram, I Polavaram,Ayanamilli, Kothapeta, K Gangavaram , K Gannavaram, Mamidikuduru whose banana ,coconut plantations and paddy fields are hit and more than 200 villages are cut off from the main land . Most of the islands in the East Godavari are also ht and vast population is stranded without electricity, drinking water, milk supply etc. 

CM Jagan and his cabinet members are supervising from top and let the Chief secretary and his other officials manage the show without political interference . A great change from the past , say officials , who dont have to spend more time in VIP visits and briefing the hordes of political leaders , who only hamper relief activity .

Since both Polavaram and KIaleswaram are yet to store large quantities of rain and flood waters, the outflow into the sea at Dhawleswaram is over 14 lakh cu secs that is about 140 TMC. By the end of the monsoon season t.e by end of August almost 5000 TMC of water would have gone waste . So much for saving water campaign in both Telangana nd AP states.

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