March 23
13:50 2018

“Sometimes conspiracy theories are true. Most of the times the ego is the ultimate conspirator.”

For Chandrababu Naidu, the man self-praises himself as a “40 Years Industry”, his present predicament is result of ‘Conspiracy Theories”.

He is lamenting of sabotage of his reputation he built in his 40 years of political career.

He is hinting at conspiracy theories in the shadows, in a quiet voice.

The perpetrators? Pick your guess………………

 …….. Or believe Shivaji, another Telugu actor struggling to create a place for himself in the public school of AP politics or to be precise trying to fish in troubled waters of AP politics.

The trouble with conspiracy theories is that all of them are mutually and indirectly proportional to each other.

If one of them is true, the other must necessarily be false.

In the post-truth world, we know no theory needs to be true for it to contain elements that reflect the complex equations that exist.

It is not by their veracity that one judges conspiracy theories.

That they are suddenly floating in the air is itself is a point to ponder either in disbelief or in its earnest.

The last four years were good times for Chandrababu and his political understanding with Narendra Modi, his powerful ally.

And in good times no one had a conspiracy theory.

All along the last four years, when Modi and his Finance Minister was audaciously refusing to accord SCS to AP as promised,…

…. and the AP BJP leaders were leaving no stone unturned in accusing CBN of misappropriating the Financial Aid granted from the Centre,….

….. CBN and his “yes men” in the Yellow media, were in the denial mode about such “Conspiracy theories”, despite being aware of politics behind such neglect of Modi and his party of AP’s concerns.

Now, following the strained relations between CBN and Modi, a new character, from unexpected corners, brought into the stage, to float “Conspiracy Theories” to politically counter and destabilise the “40 Years Industry” in the state.

Lo, behold, the sudden appearance of Shivaji with his Conspiracy Theory’ itself is a “Conspiracy Theory” within the gamut of Conspiracy theories that are doing in the dark alleyways AP Politics.

If Shivaji theory is true, the other being floated by BJP on CBN must necessarily be false or vice versa or both the theories are correct, leaving the people of Andhra in confusion and despair.

Therefore, the million dollar question is why are the people of AP are being fed with these so called “Conspiracy Theories”.

Let us flashback to “conspiracy theories” of 2014 to understand, the latest ones.

In 2014, CBN, the supremely intelligent politician managed to convince both Pawan, who scripted a pseudo ideology called ‘Pawanism” with high-moral grounds, (but self-convinced to play a “sidekick”) and Modi, the man in hurry to be listed as National Icon for an alliance so that together they could win elections in the face of tough opposition and also at a time the people of Andhra were looking desperate for a direction.

Thus, Both CBN, the reigning politician and Pawan, the upcoming, with Modi, the expansionist, playing the supportive role managed to convince the people to vote for their combine and the rest is history.

Upon assuming the power, CBN, the CM( or CEO) earmarked the proposed capital area of Andhra and Polavaram Project to his crony-capitalist and benami colleagues to continue dominate the power politics for himself, somehow hurting the ego of Modi, who is equally as megalomaniac as CBN.

Most of the fantasies sold to Seemandhra at the time of bifurcation of the State, with CBN, the self-styled panacea of Andhra ills and Pawan Kalyan, the enigma of AP politics, as his cheer leaders in company, by Modi seem to be slowly, but surely, vanished into thin air only to morph into conspiracy theories.

The latest twist over the special status issue had given a way for a new round of shrewd politics of CBN who has his ideas to create a smoke screen of conspiracy theories to build an emotional discourse…

.. And for Modi whom seems to have been preparing his own script to marginalise CBN  both to settle old scores as he has been still nursing the insult meted out to him, when CBN despite being a key member of the NDA, publicly took an anti-Modi position soon after the Godhra riots in 2002,……and to…

… Prepare his own script to implement the agenda of its “Mission South”, an ambitious expansion plan,……

……..And for Pawan Kalyan waiting on the fringes to grab the opportunity to signal his political relevance in the state by extending a tacit support in implementing Modi’s theory.

Pawan, who till the other day, was happy to play the role of “Trusted Lieutenant” (read Cheerleader) to CBN, suddenly, in what appeared to be an act of waking up from deep slumber, announced his Re-entry into politics, in a new role of championing the cause of SCS and more importantly the corruption of CBN and his Son Lokesh Babu.

Four years down the line, after the relations between CBN and Modi had reached a point of no return, Pawan, who shed his Che Guvera mask to support the gang that practiced anti-thesis to his confused “Ism”, is once again donned the mask of a revolutionary challenging the politics of his Political Boss, giving an impression to the audience (people) for an unexpected turn in the script of ongoing political conspiracy discourse in the state.

It appears, Pawan Kalyan sensed an opportunity to fulfil his quest of making it big in politics in the discomfiture of CBN, the  “40 years of Industry” who is sensing tough times ahead in fulfilling a plethora of make believe promises including construction of a Singapore type capital.

On the other hand Modi too appeared to have realized that how politically disadvantage it is to help CBN with his basket of economic wish list and self-impede his expansion plans in the state.

 As a first step towards implementation of his ambitious expansion plans in Andhra, Modi found a sacrificial goat in the form of Pawan that could be “Right-pick-me-up” type to lead a strong campaign to dent the fortress of CBN, the 40 years industry, had built around himself.

 Assuming that Modi is clear of his Mission South agenda and is leaving no e no stone unturned to marginalise and victimise CBN, the first move he should be making is to find “a face, an earnest and committed one at that”.

 Was Pawan, the face that Modi had looked for to disrupt the 40 years industry that CBN built, as being revealed in the Conspiracy theories put forward by Shivaji?

What happens hereafter will be a conjecture of time. Will Pawan play his role in the Modi’s script to the perfection?

Is Shivaji, a new character introduced by CBN to campaign on behalf of him to build a sympathetic discourse for him and a counter-narrative to Modi’s machinations to put the 40 years industry in doldrums?

 Unlike the audience of Tollywood movies, we are not in a position to figure out what happens next, except to presuppose in confidence that the people of Andhra are all set to watch in live the “Conspiracy Theories” unfolding before their eyes both in awe and in abated breath on the Political screen of Andhra.

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