November 16
10:38 2019


“When politicians bury their head in the sand, ignorance rules the country”

Of late, the Tollywood movie producers are following a new successful formula where the Hero, either son of a rich man or a millionaire businessman for himself, returns to his homeland, where either he adopts the underdeveloped village or he becomes the champion of poor and downtrodden farmers.

The hero, in the process, learns the plight of the villagers and becomes their savior.

Cut and paste the said successful formula to the ongoing politics in AP, where, the opposition parties which were routed in the elections, suddenly realized that a vast sections of Building Construction Workers, an unorganized sector, under serious plight,( whom they never thought of when in power), thanks to perceived senseless ‘Sand Policy” of the ruling government, and began to play the heroes of the successful formula of Tollywood, to champion their cause and in the process become their saviours.

Well, we now have the screen Hero versions of “Maharshi” and “Srimanthudu” in CBN, the supremo of TDP and Pawan Kalyan, the self-styled Senani of the Janam, in open and championing the cause of Building Construction Workers.

The only difference in the screen screens heroes and their political mimics is that the screen heroes sacrificed their wealth and position, while their political mimics are trying to exploit the situation to regain their political position.

Andhra Pradesh government on September 4, 2019, announced a new sand mining policy scrapping the free sand policy, implemented by the previous government in the state.

In the wake of reports on widespread plunder of sand, the the incumbent AP government had, in June, banned sand mining.

A fine of Rs 100 crore was also imposed on the government by the National Green Tribunal over failure to halt the plundering of sand.

Though the previous TDP government claimed to have introduced a free sand policy, illegal mining of sand remained unabated with allegations that Rs 1000 Crore worth scam was taken place during its regime.

The sand mafia is a network of influential politicians, powerful, established construction companies and miners, who surprisingly function in open.

It does a roaring trade with an estimated illicit sand market worth billions of rupees along with gang violence.

The sand, thus, become source of money in the unregulated sand mining industry without any concern to the environmental disaster.

The Mafia lobby is widespread and the most blatant case of illegal sand mining takes place in the lowest reaches of Godavari and Krishna belts, the strongholds of the TDP leadership.

The criminal network of the sand mafia is very powerful and anyone who raises their voice against it is snubbed and their cases are easily flushed down.

This influential network has figured it’s ways to function openly by breaching all the existing rules and regulation.

Our Political mimics of Tollywood heroes, thus, instead of fighting the sand mafia are waging their battle against the government which has brought in a policy to check the mafia.

Builidng Construction workers are no doubt at the receiving end of this issue for the last three months as the government mulls over a new sand policy.

But, the objective of new sand policy to check the sand mafia had lost its message in the politics of the sand storm being created by the opposition parties.

It appears that the political mimics of “Maharshi” and “Srimanthudu” in their guise of championing the cause of Building Construction Workers, in fact, are trying to protect the interests of the sand mafia which reared its head during their regime.

Well, this is a clear cut case of opposition parties hiding their sins in the sand.

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