How to fall low for a few votes?

How to fall low for a few votes?

How to fall low for a few votes?
May 08
06:23 2018

Common sense says that electoral battles could be over issues that are more relevant and contemporary, than those have no importance to the present context…
Therefore, the recent Rhetoric of BJP’s star campaigner invoking the so called disrespect to Karanataka’s military heroes by Nehru was akin to digging the graves or to put it in Military terms ” scrapping the bottom of the barrel”…
What BJP and its star campaigner forgot that had the Nehru dynasty been disrespectful to Military heroes, Rajiv Gandhi would not have promoted General Kariappa to Field Marshal in 1986.
It was an unwarranted tactic to use the Army to fetch a few votes.
It is one thing to indulge in slugfest with Pappu, but firing him from the shoulders of dead Military warriors is nothing but stooping low in electoral Raja Neethi.
It is not integral to electoral ethics.
Nehru had a pacifist mindset and his love for peace had caused India many military hassles both with China and Pakistan.
It is no denying fact. But, he took those decisions given the political situation of those times..

But, it did not manifest disrespect for the then Army top brass.
In a hindsight, it might be blunder which need to be corrected, but can’t be used to get a vote or two.
If either Niramala Sitaraman or the PM disagrees with the Present Army Chief, does that mean BJP government is opposed to the forces or it is disrespect to Army Chief?
The ongoing drama over OROP is a glaring example on how this government has respected or rather disrespected its war heroes.
If the Congress too uses it to hit back, the barbs in bringing army into the slugfest won’t culminate.
In any case, even if there was disrespect to the then Army top brass by Nehru, how is that connected with an election in Karnataka?
It is not soldiers getting martyred at borders, but the suicides of Farmers in Karnataka should have been relevant.
It is not disrespect to Army that should have been main issue, but how the banking system is being degenerated and how the present economic policy is a conspiracy to force the people to deposit thier earnings in Mutual Funds and Share Markets run by cronies of this Government should be main planks of attack.
What is the rationale behind stirring emotions over issues which were buried in the dust of history….
No doubt, the politics is also art of stooping low…

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