August 26
15:02 2018

“In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned in that way”.

And so is the latest confusion created by KCR, the political maverick, on the issue of early assembly elections in Telangana.

As the above axiom goes, all the confusion around “Early Elections” were not accidental, they were all meticulously planned.

Along with this meticulous plan by KCR, the other question that is confusing the minds of many discerning observers of politics in Telangana is whether the T-Congress, which claims to be(or perceived to be) the only alternative to TRS, ready for any elections, regardless of early elections.

There is a saying that the drowning man is not troubled by the rain.

But, the axiom appears to be compatible to the present predicament of Telangana Congress leadership is in.

The Telangana Congress, by all means, drowning in the deluge of KCR’s master stroke strategy on early elections, but appears to be not troubled by the talk of early rains(read elections).

While the ruling party in Telangana going around town getting ready to retain the power, Congress appeared to have taken it very lightly to audaciously term the “Early Election” leak as a part of “Kite Flying” politics of KCR.

Instead of gearing up to face the early elections if any, its leadership seemed to be happy in questioning the KCR to clarify on why he was seeking an early mandate and to waste its time terming the claims of KCR surveys as “Millennium joke” etc..

The more the congress cries itself hoarse about the “Early Election” angle, the more it exposes its own weakness to build a credible ideological/political narrative.

So, therefore, to hope that the T-Congress would eventually be in a position to take on KCR, as an alternative force, with revived energy, in whatever political equations that might emerge, in the run up to the early elections, if any, under its prevailing predicament, is anything, but delusion.

The present predicament of the T-Congress can be attributed to;

a) No commendable enough leader who can even remotely match KCR’s maverick political strategies.

b) It is found only pushing around the issues with no concrete programme and strategy, despite plenty of opportunities KCR had been throwing at it with his unilateral decisions on various issues that has been impacting the interests of the people.

c) There are sections hitting the streets voicing many concerns, with no centralized leadership, but the T-Congress finds no reason or no programme to rally around them on a centralized platform.

Take for example, the other day, it held a public meeting titled “The roar of unemployed” in Ranga Reddy district with Rahul Gandhi addressing the gathering.

It would have been appropriate for the Congress to have leaders of various students/unemployed unions seated alongside Rahul and addressing the gathering rather than the politically unemployed T-Congress leaders, since the meeting was monikered as the meeting of the unemployed.

It would have been more appropriate had it invited the student leaders of OU who opposed the entry of Rahul into the OU campus, to be on the side of him.

Instead, T-Congress, despite a good mobilisation, somehow, had found digressive of the main objective of the meeting. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Yes, that’s the bitter truth, perception wise.

There are many issues like, students’ unrest ,insecurity among Dalits and most importantly the dilemma of minorities over whether KCR getting closer to Modi, the state with a potential to push, KCR, who so far remained indomitable, at least, on to the back foot.

Alas, somehow, the T-Congress leadership, finds them as no issues of competitive politics to rally itself around them.

Mao Zedong has been proven wrong for once: Political power doesn’t grow out of the barrel of a gun; instead, it’s carved painstakingly through the network of social coalitions. The bigger the size of your social union, the greater are the chances of your electoral success.

The T-Congress instead of building a broad front of social coalitions to rally all the above issue under its centralized leadership is found wasting all its energy confining itself to Gandhi Bhavan to harp statements on senseless issues of corruption that KCR led state government said to have been allegedly indulging.

Congress failed to understand that political power is unlikely to grow out of the barrage of statements issued from Gandhi Bhavan, but through concrete programmes to build coalitions of various sections that are hitting the streets without any direction.

With Early elections on the horizon and a scenario of multi-cornered contest is unfolding, Congress appeared to have been doing nothing to rally the forces that have potential to split anti-incumbency votes to the advantage of ruling TRS, on one platform.

In comparison, with all his supposed and obvious flaws, KCR came out looking better in comparison and prepared well to win the perception battle at any given time on a number of issues.

The important thing for T-Congress is to sense the opportunity that has come its way to do something creative. A new state is not just a new administrative set-up. It can be a moment of creation.

Unless the T-Congress manages to rally the ongoing people’s issues into its ideological struggles, T-Congress would remain licking its own wounds for its eternity.

It should become a Janatha Garage that fixes people’s problems and repairs its own defects.

For that it must find a lead mechanic and appropriate mechanism first.

Till such time, the Early Election move by KCR would keep the Congress to live in the fantasy of Millennium joke concept, only to end up as a “ Big Joke” of itself

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