January 23
12:02 2018

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*“One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship”.
The above axiom aptly fits the present situation in Telangana, as it appears that the people of Telangana indeed waged Telangana movement, not to achieve a Telangana of their aspirations, but to pave the way for establishment of a sort of “Democratic Feudal Monarchy”.

The above perception was meant to capture something distinctive about the nature of the present KCR led TRS Government’s democratic engagement: his unique ability to both wield authority and yet personify the Telangana people with his “suppress everything dissent” concept.

The formation of Telangana state has been hailed by Intellectuals as a result of democratic struggles of the people of the region against political domination and economic exploitation and formal recognition of their aspirations for identity and self-rule.

Though, it could be hailed as a victory of/for/by the democracy, one fears, this same democracy is turning pathological, for the one who has the deep sense of understanding of the “emerging discourse of politics” in the fledgling state of Telangana.

The Sakala Janulu that sacrificed everything to achieve Telangana and the youth that formed the main stay of Telangana movement are now beginning to feel wary of their future.

The government of the new state appears to be blind to the “Rule of the Law”. There are no signs of principles of democratic governance, rather one gets the impression that the party rule that was hall mark of integrated state has now metamorphosed into a feudal family rule. The Telangana state now appears to be a relic of a “Feudal Estate”.

To say in one sentence, the Institution of Telangana has acquired a form of “Rule of Feudalism” from “Capitalist-Democratic” form.

The nonchalance with which KCR, the self-styled “Father of Telangana” began to oppress the democratically dissenting voices be it an “Amaraveerula Spoorthi Yatra: or an “Unemployed youth rally” or a “protest by Dalits” seeking justice against atrocity or an opposition sponsored protest programme is a telling comment on at least three aspects of contemporary Telangana:–

“Those who challenge the dominant feudal style of functioning of KCR led Telangana government can be silenced with effortless ease, and that organizations and individuals who question KCR could be dismissed as fringe elements of the Left-wing of pro-Maoist type and need not be taken a notice of, and the sorry state of the opposition which is decimated and devastated”.

The scenario now brings us to ponder over whether the fiercely argumentative Telangana, the land that witnessed many both the armed, agrarian and democratic movements turned into an intolerant Telangana?

The people aspired that times would change with the formation of Telangana or at least it was the expectation of the people who sacrificed their lives, whose souls, now, might be cringing with pain in their graves.

But, the present KCR led regime’s culture of verbal and physical violence as counter-argument has turned more vicious than anyone could have imagined or more than it was under so called Andhra colonial regime.

And oppressing an adversary, be it Kodandaram, the man who played centrifugal to unite Telangana movement or a Dalit voice that seeks justice or an opposition that questions the policy – now looked upon as the enemy either backed by “Anti-Telangana dogs” or tagged as “pro-Maoist” or Anti-social elements, no less – has become so matter-of-fact that random people, not only the members of civil society, discuss this possibility gleefully over “a cup of chai or a bottle of spurious toddy”.

The present discourse has been turning Telangana closer to becoming a state of intolerance.

In this state of intolerance, oppressing and arresting those with differing opinions or agendas, seems completely acceptable, as demonstrated by the arrest of Kodandaram, Manda Krishna Madiga, Chilli farmers in Khammam, lynching of Dalits that questioned sand mafia etc.

Well, Telangana people are destined to be on the streets for eternity to voice their grievances even after achieving their own dream state.

Relaxing in the glory of political power, the new age democratic Monarch seem to believe that he and his family are above the people who sacrificed their might to give them reins of power to rule them and to establish “Feudal Rule”.

They have no tolerance for criticism, they cannot bear to hear the unpalatable truth that they have let down the people and dashed their hopes.

The moot question then is – who is responsible for this emerging Feudal political discourse in Telangana?

The resurrection of Feudal Rule in the fledgling state has been facilitated by the “inexplicable silence and unjustifiable inaction” of the Maoists and its Intellectual support group who have played a significant role in construction and consolidation of Telangana Identity while continuing to defend the idea when Telangana political parties virtually gave up the demand for separate state for about three decades.

The democratic voices somehow remained silent to the resurrection of upper caste feudal lords to protect their vested interests while weaker sections have all set to face more oppression in Telangana State than under Andhra capitalists.

Slowly, but surely, one can see all kinds of diverse ideologies and sections bowing down and becoming “morning walk dogs” to the hectoring of this new, unexpected authoritarianism of resurrected feudal class in Telangana.

KCR, the feudal boss of Telangana does not want to face the truth that the people’s patience is wearing thin and their expectations of a bright future as was promised by KCR have been crushed into dust.

He therefore is reacting the only way an anti-people Monarch will do: suppress dissent, and send out a message to all his critics that they will meet the fate of Kodandaram and Manda Krishna if they persisted in questioning him, demanding that the promises he made to the people be fulfilled.

And this was not the Telangana the people aspired to have fought for.

May be the Telangana revolution was waged to establish dictatorship.



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