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January 31
10:39 2018

by Melissa

Gooogle News Team

Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed the idea of Jamili Elections, which means conducting of Lok Sabha and Assembly Polls for all states at once.  Implementation of Jamili Elections has been delayed till 2024. Even Few States were opposing the concept of conducting elections all over the Nation at once.

The word Jamili or Zamili means paired or coupled. The concept of Jamili elections is One Nation – One Election.

Kovind in his first address to Parliament said that frequent polls hurt the economy by imposing a huge burden on human resources while the ‘model code of conduct’ impeded development activities.

NITI Aayog during its meeting held on 23rd April 2017 itself have given a hint that the Government is interested for simultaneous Lok Sabha and Assembly polls with effect from 2024 onwards.

During his joint address to Parliament “There is concern among people sensitive to governance about the adverse impact of elections being held in one or other part of the country. Frequent elections not only entail more burden on human resources, the imposition of model code also impedes the development process of the country,” Kovind said.

Like One Nation – One Tax, it is bliss for the ears One Nation –One Election but to go ahead and adopt it is very difficult. So many factors come to mind.  First and foremost; whether the Nation is prepared for Jamili Elections, Are the people are prepared for Jamili Elections; Is the Opposition is ready for it; then who is prepared – Only BJP; if so why?

Then why the BJP is preferring Jamili ? Is it the desire of the people or the Country deserves it? Whether the political parties are interested to go for one time poll? Is it necessary for the Country now?

On one hand the BJP says it will go for Jamili Elections with consensus with other political parties. If this is the question, what about the BSP? During last elections the BSP has stood as no.3 during the vote share after BJP and Congress. But the BSP does not represent in Parliament – not even one MP. Then on what basis the consensus will be done. Is the BJP blackmailing with Jamili if it is not an all-party consensus?

The polling schedule of the Centre and States as on today:



Tripura, Meghalaya, Nagaland 3 Feb 2018
Karnataka 1 May 2018
Chhattisgarh, Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan 4 Dec 2018
General Elections June 2019
Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh,  Orissa, Sikkim, Telangana, 5 May 2019
Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkand, Jammu Kashmir 4 Oct & Dec 2019
Delhi Assembly 1 Feb 2020
Bihar 1 Nov 2020
Tamil Nadu,  West Bengal 2 May 2021
Assam, Kerala, Puducheery 3 May 2021
Goa,  Manipur 2 Feb 2022
Punjab, U.P, Uttarakhand 3 March 2022
Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh 2 Dec 2022


It seems the BJPs hidden slogan is ONE GOVERNMENT but not ONE NATION – ONE POLL. A big question of today is “will the absence of jamili elections effect the people or the BJP?” If not, why are they in a hurry to conduct meetings immediately followed by Mr. Kovind’s joint address to the Parliament?

The present BJP Government is due for polls only during May 2019. Then why go for early elections? Who will be benefitted by this? Is the BJP alone? If these elections are delayed the BJP will lose its chance and does not even get 50% of seats in the lower house and may lose some state polls too. A latest survey reveals that during the last 10 to 12 months the BJP has lost 7% of its vote share and congress has gained 6% to its pocket.

Whether the opposition is prepared for Jamili elections or needs some time? To come to a conclusion or consensus, the BJP is indirectly giving an idea to opposition to align them. It may result in coalition of various opposition parties (Congress, Sharad Pawar, Y. Sinha, DMK, Nitish Kumar (SP)/ BSP, Trinamool Congress etc.,) which may unanimously come out with a new front to fight against B JP. Tomorrow if TDP breaks out their alliance from BJP and comes out, Mr. Naidu may gather all opposition parties repeating previous regimes.


If this is the situation tomorrow, the left, who have a difference of opinion at present with their old friends i.e., Congress and are also not interested to align with Congress today, may extend to give outside support if the congress led government is formed at the centre.

If at all Jamili elections take place in2024 for all the States, UTs and Centre at one go, in case of a government like Tamil Nadu which falls abruptly after an years time or so, what would be the States position? Will the presidential rule be imposed for the next four years?

BJP says that it is just a new idea and new thinking for which a unilateral decision has to come out after discussion with all other political parties. The contention of the BJP is that the people are in favour of Jamili elections and not their party.

What about elections of Rajya Sabha where 2/3rd of its members go for poll in every six years and regular elections are being held for Panchayat and Municipalities? Another question which is roaming in our ears is whether we require any Act if we go for Nation-wide elections at one time. There is no provision in the Constitution for conducting Jamili elections.

Few say – no. If the present ruling parties, which have sufficient majority in the respective states go to Governor and say that they would like to go for polls, in such a situation the governor has to accept at any cost.

The main reason is the fear of BJP about the increasing negative votes day by day. So if it waits for May 2019 when the general elections are actually due, the BJP will have to face the defeat. The reasons are simple:

  • Most of the farmer’s community is facing huge losses and are not getting any support from the Government at Centre.
  • Middle class people as well as businessmen faced lot of difficulties due to demonetization.
  • People are acquainted to stand in long queues at ATMs till today.
  • Online payment system has thrown road side vendors out of their daily bread.
  • Due to implementation of GST the Traders have suffered huge hidden losses.
  • Common people are angry about the exorbitant increase of fuel costs day by day.
  • House hold women are against because of withdrawal of Government subsidy on LPG and also abnormal increase of daily items with the introduction of GST. Even after a lapse of 7 months there is no clarity about the same.
  • It has come to notice that the BJP Government at the Centre is going to abolish huge number of vacant central government posts thereby showing dead hand before the unemployed youth.
  • Defence services are still waiting with their old grievance – OROP (One Rank One Pension).
  • The Central government is abolishing the system of paying arrears to their employees in future pay commissions.


BJP in its Election manifesto stated that it will create one Cr jobs each year but in the real time practice it could not even create ten lakh jobs even after introduction of make in India or Made in India. Against its election promises it is ready to abolish 10,000 jobs which are lying vacant in Central Government Ministries.

Secondly, whether our administrative and para-military set up is ready to conduct polls for around 110Cr voters out of 130 Cr population in this Country while spending thousands of Crores towards election expenditure.

It is a fact that one cannot file a nomination even with the support of a Political Party in the absence of huge sums of money. A candidate without money is nowhere near nomination table. If this is the situation, are we in a democracy and facing real time elections?  The Election Commission still does not have any answer on vote for note.  The deciding factor should be left with Election Commission not with the Government. If so the EC is succumbing to Political Parties at this hour.  The EC has to discuss.

If at all the Jamili elections are conducted during the month of Nov/Dec this year, we have to think about two aspects:

1)        In the normal course people prefer for elections during summer seasons as some of the states in India are more dependent on weather and mostly the students finish their exams.

2)        Some states like (J&K, Northeast states etc) because of the peculiar weather conditions, it is very difficult to organize elections


Last but not the least; the Indian Government is based on federal system.  Elected representatives are appointed at Centre, State and Local bodies. Both the Centre and States have the same right. Day in and day out we are fighting for more powers to panchayat system, and independent funding for local bodies. As per the existing semi-federal system, the Centre cannot compel the existing governments in the States to resign and go for elections.

The present BJP Government at the Centre has won 282 seats during the last 2014 general elections with a people’s mandate and the same party is not confident of ruling the country for the given term of five years.

If we go with Kovind’s statement, as on today the BJP is ready for at least half Jamili elections i.e. 14States plus Centre. Other Political Parties are ready or not? Let us watch.




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