September 08
09:03 2019

“The gospels were all about God becoming king, but the creeds are focused on Jesus being God.”

‘I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit on the mount of assembly on the heights of Zaphon; I will ascend to the tops of the clouds, I will make myself like the Most High’” .

Thus, spoke Lucifer, the Biblical King of Babylon who was self-presented in his power, splendor, pride and subsequent fall.

Well, the context of the above passage is not to preach some Biblical gospels, but to analog with some strange developments in Telangana which are not all about a “God becoming a King, but the focused creeds of the King who appears to be in haste on becoming God”.

Unlike Lucifer, the Biblical King, KCR is real and just another politician who by virtue of people’s mandate heads (rules) the Telangana state and is the power behind its system and behold, behind the destined course of fate of the people of the state.

Now what happens if a powerful leader like KCR’s self-preservation instinct causes him to not care that the people he rule or king over or Lord over is gullible?

The above question was the focal point of present developments in the state of Telangana vis-à-vis controversy surrounding over inscription of his images on the sacred pillars of Yadadri Temple.

The controversy manifests that of late, KCR seems to be singing “Nothing’s changed I’m still the same, Old habits die hard” (a stanza from Eric Burdon’s “Til your river runs dry”).

Very often, a Politician’s obsession to a particular discourse becomes a crutch that he leans on, letting that aspect of the part to overshadow his entire politics.

While he does not hesitate or even feel guilty even once in clutching to his obsession to do his politics, he is just as effective in conveying a politician’s amorality, absurdity and insecurity.

KCR is king of all he surveys in the gambit of Telangana politics.

He is a politician with many faces, a creature with a steely grit, capable of vileness, yet in possession of very politician’s vulnerabilities, still yet capable of openly displaying the foulest of his actions with such casualness that it is impossible not to laugh and at the same time feel disgusted.

The manner in which KCR switches from one narrative to the next to the next, without deviating from the only obsession that he is well versed with is a sight both to behold and to bemused.

And therefore, the reports of the inscription of his picture on a pillar of the famous Hindu shrine of Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy at Yadadri reflects that KCR would never hesitate to send an impression that he would never deviate from his obsession displaying the foulest of his actions with such casualness.

As part of giving a makeover to the temple, KCR is getting the images of Telangana movement, history, culture and its famous personalities chiseled on the pillars on all sides of the temple.

The effort appears to be on the lines of kings of medieval India, who got their contemporary history and lifestyle chiseled on the walls and pillars of various temples they had constructed, besides inscriptions on stone sheets.

What triggered the controversy was the carving of images of KCR and that of his party’s election symbol, car, on the pillars on the southern side of “asthabhuji prakaram” (Octagonal compound wall).

It has riled the whole opposition and triggered a major political controversy in the state where the opposition parties are leaving no Temple Pillar unchecked to accuse him of trying to portray himself as a God.

But his supporters cite that it was common that the symbols that reflected the culture of the society of that contemporary period etched on pillars of any temple across the country.

So they argue that it was not correct to blame KCR of portraying himself as a God.

Whatever might be the intentions of KCR to have his image etched on the pillars of the Temple, the controversy is now fast turning out to be a “‘Hindu Sentiment Issue”.

The BJP and its Sangh Parivar elements running to every pillar to use this “Hindu sentiment’ as counter to KCR’s Telangana Sentiment, a narrative he always falls back on when in trouble.

The Hindu outfits sense an opportunity, for they feel that his “Hindu Bondu” comment he made at Karimnagar has done great damage to him in the parliamentary elections.

Now, they hope that the Yadadri pillar image issue would sure to damage his reputation further.

It remains to be seen how KCR, the wily politician he is, handles the whole controversy.

But, in the ongoing Indian political context, one thought that it was Narendra Modi who is in haste to become an iconic figure erasing the memories of all historical icons of Indian history.

But, KCR appears to be miles ahead of him, as he has etched himself on temple pillars to find a place alongside God to attain divinity.

“No doubt the Yaagams in Telangana were not all about God becoming king, but the creeds are focused on KCR in haste to become a God.”


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