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July 04
09:12 2019

“Sometimes one may need to leave a battle, to learn the best ways to win the war.”

Rahul Gandhi, at last, by resigning to the post of the Congress President, must have realized that it’s time for him to leave the battle. If not to learn the best ways to win the war, but, at least, in a realization that the sinking ship of the Congress needs someone better than him, without further delay, to navigate it to safe shores.

Thus, the psychopathic Congress leaders( the collective leadership), instead of insisting for his continuation as the Party President, should now treat his decision as an epilogue to the predicament of the party and a prologue to what lies ahead to redeem its past glory.

His resignation is more message of sense of self-discovery that he needs to do far more than resigning to put the party a war ready than being an act of Captain deserting a sinking ship.

In stating that “numerous people” will have to be held accountable for 2019, but adding that it would be unfair to ignore his own role as president, he clearly sent a message of his self-realization that he must take the first step to repair the sinking ship.

In one stroke of act of resignation, he has not only show-stopped the Congress’ politics but also shown a light beam on the next phase of its future.

Thus, it is better for the psychopathic Congress leaders to realize that Gandhi leadership’s fatigue would be a real threat and that it’s time that they chose a new leader to save the sinking ship of the Congress.

So much could change about the Congress in what promises to be a dramatic next few weeks following Rahul’s decision to step down..

Soon the leadership might look back on its present predicament as an important time of reflection and coming to terms with the way things are. Because only then can work on making things the way they should be.
It should stop pondering whether the Congress would do without the Gandhis at the helm.

These would be the questions that would haunt the present collective leadership of the party. Ironically, they may never have arisen if, say, had the Congress fared far better than what it had in the elections.

Congress leadership, soon, have to write off the drubbing in 2019 as a failure in terms of winning a elections, but in years to come it could see the election results as the image where it finally looked in the mirror.

It must realize that by having Rahul at the striking end, it gives the BJP leadership a weak batsman to bowl at, because, the Indian voters believe that Rahul Gandhi is a tail ender – at least when he is facing up against Modi.

Thus, the question now is what next for the Congress without the Gandhis at the helm and how will it regain its glory to remain competitive in Indian electoral politics.

For the now headless congress it boils down to two choices:

One, crumble. Crumble under the weight of Modi’s shrewd power politics, but also under the weight of their own self-doubt. Continue the circle of self-defeatism and leave next elections where they will be remembered fondly as an also contested but not really doing much more and wait for Modi to fall for his own tricks.

Or two, dig deep, find gumption and use it. Use the present predicament as a stepping stone, as a reminder, that if they can find a new leadership that can match Modi blow for blow and not lose their heads, they can finally do it. Finally, draw a finishing line to those ghosts of present questions of leadership without Gandhis. Extinguish them forever and possibly; put itself in a position to have a go at the ultimate path to reinvent its past glory.

But, for the moment they should ‘Let Rahul Go”.

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