May 03
15:19 2018

 Recall that infectious song “Ye umar hai kar le, Galti se Mistake, Beta” (This is the time, make a mistake by Mistake, my son) from the Bollywood movie “Jagga Jassos”.
 YS Jagan, seemed to have been inspired by the song and is not a bit hesitant to audaciously think that it was time to make mistakes by mistake and still believe that he could never foot wrong foot forward.
 He has been in politics for around seven years now and many still think that he is a novice who displays a political trait at which he appeared to be a politician who never wanted to do right things, play safe and please everyone.
 He reminds the great Humpty Dumpty, a fictional character of Lewis Carroll, who often was boasting of his authority by telling, “When I use a word it just means what I choose it to mean— neither more, nor less” and as ultimate and audacious as Tamil Super star Rajnikanth’s famous one liner “My way-highway”.

    The audacity of the great Humpty Dumpty and the feeling of ‘Ye Umar hai kar le, Galti se Mistake” could be seen in the following strategy adapted by him:

·    His announcement that he would rename Krishna District as NTR District, if YSRCP comes into power.

·    His politics on special status which is primarily focussed on Chandrababu Naidu betraying people of Andhra Pradesh rather than Modi reneging on his promises to state.

 When YS Jagan, first embraced politics, he was challenging a powerful opponent and difficult political circumstances, while he was being revered as an unmistakably astute businessman turned charismatic political hero rebelling openly against the powerful Congress High-command.

There is no change in the challenge part except it was against Congress High-Command then, and Chandrababu, the powerful, experienced politician now, he is waging his political war with.

Though, the challenge remained the same, the script fast changed fast changed in the context of traditional paradigms of AP’s cunning and hard core politics.
 In his short span of political career, he has been accused of being a leader “suffering from a “Compulsive CM post Obsession Disorder” and an “Immature” politician unfit to challenge the political craftiness of Chandrababu Naidu.
  However, the present “Perceived” undercurrent anti-incumbency against Babu led TDP government has the ample potential to provide him the unique opportunity to implement a ‘surgical’ strategy to turn things around.
 But, alas, his style of politics vis-à-vis SCS reflects that he is still political novice and still has not understood correct politics.
He appears to be repeating the same mistake that he had been doing by Mistake- His obsession for Babu Bashing.

     He had so far managed to expose Chandrababu Naidu’s ambivalence on special status and his politics over it.
   But, he failed to convince the people on the allegations of his strange relations he enjoys with BJP with his low key criticism of betrayal of the BJP on SCS promise.
     He also failed to counter the allegations of Babu of his clandestine deal with the BJP and that Modi-Shah have been using him to hatch a conspiracy against TDP supremo.
 Similarly the announcement on renaming Krishna district as NTR District was another proof of his audacity to make mistakes and still be confident that he could never put wrong foot forward.
 It appears that his strategists failed estimate the public reaction or they are short of ideas.
  The decision to rename the Krishna district witnessed a revolt of sort within the YSRCP reflecting how his strategists failed to assess the consequences of such decision.
Babu, when faced with requests from his party men to name the AP capital after NTR, in 2015, he out rightly refused such appeals a he gauged the consequences rightly.

   But Jagan failed to take a leaf out of Babu’s politics on renaming the district after NTR.

What Jagan and his strategists missed was the fact that majority of voters of the Krishna district are supporters Vangaveeti Ranga who have their own prejudices and rivalry against NTR, as they reckon Ranga as an icon who fought NTR’s politics.
 Thus, the decision to rename the Krishna district had surely rubbed the wrong side of the majority vote bank in the district which might boomerang on Jagan.
 There was a time not long ago when YS Jagan was often featured in newspapers and channels for unlovely reasons such as CBI cases booked against him.
 But once the SCS of AP had become a main plank of politics he began to acquire new sobriquets.
 He is now AP’s “tallest leader”, a never-say-die crusader against Babu’s uncanny politics and a fountainhead of populist politics of a wacky kind that even Karl Marx overlooked.
These epithets were bestowed on him by his admirers only because he began to take on Babu on SCS issue with the hungry zeal of one beast stalking another in the wild.
Jagan outdid his own politics of aggression when he took on Babu’s politics on SCS and almost created an image of an Armageddon between the sinner and the saint, the suspense that follows in the run up to elections can only be of an edge-of-the-seat variety.
Thanks to the SCS issue and the unusual politics of Babu on it, Jagan turned into a virtual demigod fighting the demon of Babu.
Four years after his defeat in elections and almost being on the verge of seeing his party turning irrelevant with massive defections, Jagan managed to shift the focus back to himself, retaining his larger-than-life media image.
But, for the two afore mentioned strategic mistakes…which might help Babu to turn the tables on him.

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