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February 18
12:48 2021

“Blaming others is an act of refusing to take responsibility”

Recall how Narnedra Modi, the then CM of Gujarat and the Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP had called it failure of UPA government when Petrol prices were hiked by steepest Rs 7.54.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Rising prices including those of petrol and diesel were among the main reasons that brought down the UPA government of Manmohan Singh, whom, Narendra Modi, the then Gujarat Chief Minister had described as a “Sardar (chief), who is not “Asardar” (effective)”.In May 2012, the UPA government had approved the steepest ever hike in petrol prices across the country following a 14.5 per cent rise in crude oil prices and a 3.2 percent devaluation of the rupee.

As Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had termed the hike in petrol prices as “a prime example of the failure of the Congress-led UPA.”At that the logic of the election campaign of the BJP led by its Prime Ministerial was simple: ‘ Had the UPA government followed the right policies (to keep economy strong), it would have been in a position to provide oil subsidy”.The present Union ministers Prakash Javadekar and Smriti Irani had then accused the UPA Government of being insensitive to the plight of the common man. Bollywood celebrities like Big “B”, Akshay Kumar, the Self-styled “Star-Deshbahkth” and Vivek Oberoi, the Bollywood Bhath etc., rooting for the BJP also had mocked the central government.What had happened after the 2014 elections and after seven years of Narendra Modi led BJP government?

                                                                                                                                                                                                      While all these voices are silent today, the last word has been said by an anti-national, who tweeted that BJP Government needed to be complimented for keeping its promise of increasing value of the GDP (Gas, Diesel and Petrol).

Today, petrol is the costliest in India in all of South Asia. The present petrol prices reflected how “Asardar” is Modi’s regime, as it continued to keep increasing the excise duty to maintain existing petrol and diesel prices even during the lenient phase of global crude oil prices.At current costs, India has the highest retail prices of petrol and diesel among South Asian nations. Taxes account for half of the pump rates for each litre of petrol and diesel. The continue hike in the prices of petrol only adds to the impression of Modi’s regime being “Photo-Ops” sarkar.

Senior BJP leader LK Advani once called Modi a “Brilliant event Manager”. The statement issued by Modi while inaugurating energy projects in Rajasthan yesterday encapsulated the above praise attributed by Advani.In the statement he blamed his predecessors for the skyrocketing fuel prices. He claimed that if the previous governments had focused on reducing the country’s energy import dependence, the middle class would not have been burdened today.Nothing better conveys the approach of the greatest articulator of saying simply than ‘Don’t blame my government for the present hike in petro prices’….he almost stopped in saying “ Blame it on Nehru”.

His government has used a similar tack when defending its record on jobs,( read failures on various fronts) when attempting to explain the massive economic blunder that was demonetization and in the roundabout manner the government has attempted to defend its actions on the Rafael deal.But none of those has been as blatant as the yesterday’s statement on Petrol Prices. What the nation’s best showman would like his audience( read the gullible) through such a statement  is he wants to convey the idea that Rs 94 today is not as bad as that under UPA regime.  The statement while entirely making a sincere efforts to hide the his government’s failure it also cleverly tries to mask the context of international crude prices and inflation being far lower than under it than they were during the previous regime, and yet the price within India remaining stubbornly high. In trying to shift the blame he conveniently attempted to divert he issue from the fact that his government has refused to cut duties on imported fuel, which is the bulk of India’s energy supply, in the hopes of using the taxes to earn additional revenue – although how efficiently it has subsequently used that revenue is entirely another point for debate.While trying to shift the blame on previous governments, the clever articulator in him sent a clear message that his government won’t and can’t do much to bring down or control the fuel prices. In simple words, he simply and conveniently said that Diesel, petrol price rise is out of our hands because of the wrong policies of the previous governments. And in saying so he almost asked the nation do not fall for the propaganda of the opposition on fuel prices and not to support any kind of protest thereof.

If the BJP, which criticised the UPA for inflation and fuel prices before it was in power, does believe the government can do something about it, why isn’t it attempting to solve the problem? And, maybe most importantly, whose bright idea was it to draw the attention of the public to the “Wrong Economic Policies” of the previous governments for the present hike in fuel prices?”  When the petrol price soared under UPA, Modi ji thundered, and when they are almost competing with NASA to reach Mars under his regime, he conveniently roared to “Blame it on Previous governments”.  It appears what the hungry stomachs of this country needs is not “Bojhan” (food) but “ Baashan”(Speech), not daily “Ration”, but “Oration”…..*

This is the India that was wished for, right?

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