September 01
10:22 2019

*“The problem isn’t when someone is in politics; it’s when they claim to be doing politics.”*

Recall the claims of KA Paul, the self-claimed “Eighth Wonder of the World”, an evangelist turned politician, of his counseling most of the world’s dictators and presidents in 148 countries and as a global peace leader, his stopping seven global wars and his being in the behind scenes to get Donald Trump elected as President of USA.

When the pawanKalyan, the Power Star, aka Jana Senani and a “Perennial Prober” speaking to a gathering of farmers of Amaravati, said that he was prepared to take the issue of change of Capital from Amaravati to elsewhere by the incumbent government of the AP state, if any, to the notice of the Prime Minister as well as Union Home Minister Amit Shah, he almost sounded like KA Paul, the “Self-claimed Eighth Wonder”.

Recall that scene from SS Rajamouli’s fantasy film, an half-raised giant golden statue of King Ballala Deva being erected in capital city Mahismathi, suddenly starts falling threatening the slaves and commoners engaged in the erection of the statue, who are certain to be crushed to death if it falls.

Just when it seems they’re doomed, the said God whose name they were chanting, with crazy biceps actually shows up and single handedly (with the help of a rope) prevents the statue from falling.

*PK appears to be enacting a Bahubali in real life, particularly, whenever the reputation of Chandrababu Naidu(CBN) is falling like the statue of King Ballala in the movie.*

To cut and paste the scene, the ambiguous signals of the YSRCP government to shift the Capital form Amaravati is akin to the of falling statue of the King Ballala, and with it the fate of the farmers who gave away their lands is doomed and more importantly the reputation of the CBN at stake and PK is the Bahubali who would prevent such a catastrophe form happening.

*May be he suffers from “Amnesia’( Memory Loss) that it was he who threatened. Not very long time ago( July 2018), to lay seize of Amaravati if the government failed to withdraw the land acquisition and questioned on the need of pooling 3000 acres to construct the Capital.*

It was he, who, then raised objection to the government acquiring lands indiscriminately for every project depriving the farmers their livelihood. He also said that the acquisition of lands to the extent of 3000 acres would disturb the lives of the people.

*But, his then threat remained to be a “Pack up shooting” situation, as he himself remained a “Big Question” turning into a paradox on what exactly the objective of his politics through the platform called “Jana Sena”?*

Now suddenly by appearing to champion the cause of Amaravati farmers by taking up the issue with Modi and Shah, he appears to be playing Bhaubali or perform his role of “Perennial Prober” only when Chandrababu is in trouble due to the alleged vendetta politics being pursued by YS Jagan, who appeared to be the Man on revenge mission.

*When he mentioned about Modi and Shah, he still seems to be in the hallucination that it was his star campaign that helped TDP-BJP combine to win the elections in 2014 and that both Modi and Shah would give him a patient hearing and importance.*

*He might be a Power star on reel, he should realize that both Modi and Shah have become real life powerful stars and for them he is just a use and throw kind ally.*

He might be attempting to script a lead role for himself on political stage for now by still claiming his close proximity to both Modi and Shah, but he should for a moment pause and think that his sense of entitlement and exaggerated view of his own importance are not quite same as playing a hero and uttering punch dialogues on screen.

It is one thing to hit the opponents singlehandedly on reel – and quite another to have people mistake your heroism for skills at taking on political opponents in real life, a lesson he should learn from the bitter experience of his own brother who once was a successful star later turned utter flop politician.

*He had his opportunities, to become a major force while the state was witnessing anti-incumbency against CBN’s regime.*

He then preferred to play a “Sidekick”, to the same leader whom he threatened for acquiring 3000 acres of land for Amaravati amidst the allegations of Insider trading and to the same people who treated him as a “Package Politician”.

 His questioning of the present government which has not yet clarified its stand on shifting the capital from Amaravati and trying to enquire into the large scale corruption through insider trading in the Land pooling, manifests a political hypocrisy, because it was he who questioned such large scale land pooling. 

Despite voicing against the alleged corruption in the land pooling, he appears to have come to the rescue of CBN whose reputation is under scrutiny.

*Without clarifying whether he is on mission to rescue CBN falling from grace, if he is in a premise that he can work against YSRCP government with the help of either to Modi or Shah it would make “no sense”, but would be utter “Nonsense”.*

It would only be seen as one of those ridiculous claims of KA Paul, the Eighth Wonder”…and ..

*…there is a potential danger he might gain a reputation of being a “Package Politician.

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