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October 02
13:59 2019
“Give people films, they will forget after a few weeks, but give people ideas, they will assimilate them into their consciousness.”

And, Sye Raa, the 151st movie of Chiranjeevi, Tollywood’s Megastar turned a political disaster, is just a big spectacle film, expected to make megabucks at the box office which would be forgotten after a few weeks and is no idea that would assimilate into the consciousness of the people.

And why should it not?

Sye Raa has bonafide stars in Chiranjeevi, a quintessential Tollywood screen idol, and a host of other popular stars and a freedom movement inspired plot, grand action scenes.

 So suffice to say that the stakes are high for Chiranjeevi and his Konidela family production, especially after the utter failure of their experiment at politics. Both Chiranjeevi and other stars are in their element in the movie and give us no reason to complain as audiences. But an outlandish effort to pull a movie out of the pages of the history of the freedom movement, over the top acting comes in the way. To watch patriotic jingoism, when the nation itself mired in it for the last five years, for more than two and half hours, is a high test to the patience of the audience and if not for action sequence graphics, it is certainly a tormenting experience. Though the narrative falters at times, one can’t find fault with the makers for taking creative liberties to maximize the commercialization of a movie of historical background, with a star like Chiranjeevi in the lead role. There are multiple action pieces peppered throughout the movie, and many moments for Chiranjeevi to steal the screen presence to shine in high octane action sequences. 

T he women lead roles are competent in their parts and do the best they can within the limited scope that their roles offer. In his brief appearance, “Big B” is impactful, and as such, the audience wished more screen presence for him. I wish I could say the same about the story of the film, which so far is a huge letdown. It seems like the 0director had channeled all of the film’s energy into Megastar. And the character he played, Narasimha Reddy, was a warrior that ruled just four Taluks. To show him as taking an entire British Army, a depiction which appeared taking the creative liberty in making the real-time story far into deep absurdity. The movie is all but Chiranjeevi and action sequences which are far from realistic and graphical poor, with no in-depth dialogues that a jingoistic patriotic movie supposed to be needed.No doubt the narrative, however, of the historic times, suits the present jingoistic nationalist mood prevailed across the nation at present. However, the efforts of the makers to bring into the focus about one of the many unsung heroes of our freedom movement should need applauds. 

While the storytelling has its flaws, what needs to be lauded is that the makers pulled out this tale from the pages of history, with creative liberties, to highlight the story of one long-forgotten Telugu freedom fighter whose rebellion eventually inspired another movement of epic proportions (the Indian Rebellion of 1857). If you are a fan of Megastar and is one of those new breeds of Jingoistic patriots, this movie is a must-watch to pump your adrenalin.

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