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February 18
16:12 2021

“ While Foolishness dreams off in slumber,  wisdom remains awake, longing for the dawn of answers.”

Recall that famous Telugu song from Sri Krishna Pandaveeyam(a 1966 Telugu mythological blockbuster )“Maatu Vadalara Niddura Mattu Vadalara/aa matthulona baditthe gammatthuga chitthavudura ( Get out of your slumber, lest it’s should ruin you), depicting in a scene in which Lord Krishna makes an attempt to awake Bhim from his deep slumber and warn him off the potential danger that would likely to be posed by Kauravas.It seems it’s time the T-Congress in its perpetual slumber needed an incarnation of Lord Krishna to shake it off its slumber.

*Elsewhere in the country, while farmers’ opposition to the new farm laws has come as a shot in the arm for multiple opposition parties, who have dwindled to make their presence felt in the face of the BJP’s mammoth organizational and media machinery, the T-Congress, somehow, is not keen to capitalize an undercurrent resentment of the Telangana farmers against the closure of procurement Centers, in what appeared to be a big-U-turn on Farm Laws by the KCR lead government.

While the organizationally weak Telangana Left parties have been fairly vocal in supporting the farmers’ protests against the new farm laws over the last six months, T-Congress, however, hadn’t begun to capitalize on the resentment against the ruling TRS, if not against the BJP at the center, in its favour. While the T-Left parties are busy organizing various kinds of programmes, if not, “Kisan Mahapanchayths” being organized by opposition parties elsewhere, the T-Congress leadership is busy with its own “Panchayaths”( Internal fissures).The T- Congress think tanks may argue, either the Center’s farm Laws or the decision to close procurement centers by TRS led state government are yet to cause a real concerns among T-Farmers and therefore, any effort to rally the farmers, at this juncture, might not damage either the TRS’ or the BJP’s efforts to consolidate against each other at the cost of T-Congress.

They could be right to perceive that it’s too early to rally T-farmers.

But in their perpetual slumber and in their panache for holding “chai-biscuit” press meets in the precincts of Gandhi Bhavan, they ignore the fact that  they could pose a real impact of the farmers’ agitations on the electoral dynamics in the state in the backdrop of a growing bipolar political narrative between the TRS and the BJP. They should realize that both the TRS and the BJP which remained sturdy in the face of an undercurrent resentment among farmers in the state, would have reasons to worry, if the T-Congress makes a sincere effort to champion the cause of farmers which could be proverbial straw that it could hold to signal its existence or more importantly from drowning in the deluge of bipolar narrative between the TRS and the BJP. If the T-Congress can manage to rally the farmers, at least, around the closure of procurement centers, KCR might lose a good portion of the support of the farmers who rallied around him in the 2018 assembly elections and it could also help to check the surge of the BJP in rural areas of the region.

The recent electoral setbacks reveal that KCR had been facing a kind of Trust deficit from the T-Public, though it’s not at peak, as the margins of defeats reflect at both Dubbaka and GHMC where the TRS managed to retain the mayoral post.                                                                                                                                                                                                Ever since KCR emerged victorious in 2014 elections, he had never faced such trust deficit from the public and Telangana had never witnessed such a CM who indulged in U-Turns on various issues and who is trying to hold on to his position with a tacit understanding with the Center. hough the opposition and the T-Congress often tag him indulging in politics to serve the BJP’s interests in the tate, they never really made a pro-active attempt to expose such tacit deals, at the most their attempts confined to press statements, which are hardly the methods to rally the public.The T-Congress fantasizes to come to power in 2019 and for that it doesn’t exactly know what it has to do.

But that’s the problem: if the present emerging bipolar political narrative is to go by, the state has gone out of the hands of the Congress thanks to its faulty script on state bifurcation and its perpetual slumber thereafter. If the faulty script on state bifurcation was flashback, struggling to find a better script than KCR  or at least to find an exit gate from the Gandhi Bhavan to plan an outreach with the T-public in the face of opportunities like growing Trust deficit against KCR, undercurrent resentment among various sections of the society including the farmers, etc.,  appears to be anti-climax.

The obvious need not be stated, but here it is:

The political future in terms of its mere existence is going to be the most vicious yet for the Congress in Telangana in the run up to the next elections, where its political existence and identity is at stake, under attack by the well-crafted designs of KCR meticulously backed or exploited by the BJP. When the Telangana society is subtly looking to seek the support of Fanaticism (BJP)   to resist the despotism (KCR), the T- Congress remains in deep slumber pretending ignorance of the developing narrative. If the T-Congress allows the people of Telangana to slowly tread towards seeking the support of the fanaticism to resist despotism, the Telangana voter while walking towards polling both in the next elections, would have a difficult choice to make, while he would hardly be thinking to press the EVM button against the Congress’ election symbol. Should he treat the Congress the way he treated it in the past before the state bifurcation?Or should he teach a lesson to KCR who

betrayed their aspirations and seek an alternative in the BJP?Neither has KCR performed well in dealing with the aspirations of the fledgling state nor the T-Congress in checking their aspirations going haywire and the people to seek a better alternative in the BJP. And while KCR had contributed his might to deceive the people of their aspirations and made the path easy for the BJP which smelt its coffee perfectly with a confidence that the state can be won on its Hindutva brand of politics and not just talking about Modi alone, the T-Congress played a silent spectator at the cost of its own demise.

If the BJP manges to implement its strategy to turn Telangana into a saffron fortress, the blame lies equally on KCR, as he finished off the secular space by marginalizing the T-Congress and the t-Congress, as it had no vision to foresee the inevitability of its decimation….. …..While it remained in a protracted slumber…….*No doubt, T-Congress needs an incarnation of Lord Krishna to shake it off its slumber….and awaken them to the fact that “if it can have an Exit gate from Gandhi Bhavan, then only it can find an entry gate to the Telangana assembly

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