October 19
09:59 2019

“Talk without the support of action means nothing.”

More than, 15 days into the RTC strike which is assuming similarities of intensity of Telangana Movement, the Congress leadership appears to be having no idea on how to hijack it or to signal its existence of being people’s side to turn the tables on KCR.

While the BJP has almost taken control of the strike, the Congress leaders confined to the “Tea-Biscuit statements” of solidarity from the precincts of Gandhi Bhavan.

The RTC strike was brewing for a while and all top leaders of T- Congress were aware that the situation will heat up with the BJP looking to rally around the RTC Unions.

Situation is ideal for the Congress to take the lead, especially at a time when it seems like BJP is taking the narrative away from it.

But no one leader in the TPCC has either the authority or accountability to take a decisive call as no one wants to take the lead and indicating that the TPCC is in disarray and it’s self-inflicted.

KCR’s tough stand on RTC issue might be puzzling, but mere statements without a comprehensive programme to lead the RTC strike, on abuse of power by him would hardly help the political cause of the Congress.

While the BJP which appeared to be shadow boxing with KCR had taken firm control of directing the RTC strike, the Congress, had turned an even poorer shadow of itself in Telangana.

In spite of the situation being ripe for the opposition to target KCR and the ruling TRS, KCR still enjoys having no challenger among the opposition.

What ails the T-Congress?

One thing can be said in KCR’s favor. He has made the Congress, the Grand Old Party of Indian politics, the symbols of unmerited inheritances.

It may be another matter that the Congress is national party of historical repute. But it is KCR who is seen as the one with merit, because he came up the hard way, while also being seen as the leader who fulfilled the long cherished aspiration Telangana people.

The growing rejection of Congress’ fate is in evidence all over Telangana. The new political realities are compelling change.

Egypt’s former King Farouq once said that in the end there would be only five kings – the King of England and four in the pack of cards.

The same can be said of Congress in general and the T-Congress in particular.

They are fast growing out of fashion.

Telangana people have a way of showing how they feel about the Congress.

In the recent Assembly elections they had out rightly rejected the claims of the Congress being the alternative to KCR.

In his five and half “perceived autocratic regime”, KCR had presented many opportunities and openings for the Congress to make a comeback.

There was many a moment for the Congress to reinvent itself.

Alas !, Congress never felt it necessary and left the things for the logical conclusions perceiving that KCR would fall by his own shenanigans.

Nothing could be further from the truth. What won the political narrative foe KCR was his demagogic charisma which cast a spell with a mishmash of sentimental rhetoric, outright lies and distortion of facts.

The challenge for the Congress was/is to create a competitive imagery that will rekindle the magic it had in the past.

But, the Congress, somehow, is unable to find an exit out of Gandhi Bhavan, and its leadership continues to behave like the latter-day Mughals, with a durbar in place of an empire.

There is actually no opposition leader today in the state who can take on the TRS.

Moreover, it is ironic that the BJP is also supporting the TSRTC unions, because the BJP-led Centre is actually also being met with protests by the various other government employees for privatizing various sectors.

And the Congress, the grand old party of Indian politics is yet to choose what exactly it role in supporting the RTC strike that is turning a reminiscent of Telangana movement.

It is clear that the Congress lacks coherent strategy to take on KCR when the opportunity came, while the subtle moves of BJP to emerge as an alternative would further complicate its predicament.

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