May 10
07:08 2018

“ You can choose your politics, but you can’t choose its consequences”

Of late it has become a trend in the Telugu movie industry to make sequels or remakes of old movies or even biopics of who is who of Tollywood.

Many a time, a movie comes and flops utterly at the box-office and the makers embark on making a sequel of it… and…

..Every movie goer thinks… Why????

Of course, typically a sequel or a remake to a much-disliked movie is also bad, but in some cases the funniest little thing happens…

….And this sequel/ remake making disorder seemed to be infectious and has infected the politics of KCR, the “self-styled Zinda Thilsmath” of Telangana.

Recall, the much hyped and politicised cash for vote shock which forced Chandrababu Naidu(CBN), the self-acclaimed “Chanakya  of Telugu politics”, scared by craftiness of KCR, to flee from Hyderabad empire to seek refuge in the safe havens on the banks of Krishna river in the would be built “fantasy fortress” of Amaravati.

KCR has now announced a sequel of that political tamasha by conducting a review of the case in Pragathi Bhavan for over two hours, in which, officials of all hues that are dealing with the case were present in the meeting.

Though, questions were being asked on why the sudden interest to revive the case, nothing happens in politics without a political reason.

Unlike the sequel or remake of a movie, the move by KCR to re-pursue the case is not the funniest thing to happen….

It certainly consolidates the speculations of “Conspiracy Theories” being hatched against CBN, as being revealed by Shivaji, an Idling Telugu star, who is busy scripting political narratives or rather conspiracy theories to play a real life political character or a sidekick to CBN.

The case has been pending for long without any substantial progress as long as CBN remained an ally of Narendra Modi.

In fact, it is not such a complicated case that demands such a protracted investigation.

When the case was first surfaced or rather was built against CBN, it witnessed a slugfest that almost reached a flash-point between the two Telugu states, with both KCR and CBN turning it into a sort of situation between India and Pakistan.

But the temporary denouement of the case came when CBN agreed to ride dead horse in Telangana political battle front and turned a friend of KCR,  albeit, as brokered by BJP leadership.

CBN with his clever ploy to save himself from the cash for vote ill-repute had organized a “purposeful defeat” to TDP to help KCR win half the perception battle vis-à-vis whatever fight left for the TTDP to manoeuvre itself to gain grounds in the run up to the general elections in 2019.

The sudden bonhomie between CBN and KCR after the abrupt end to the battle over the case had become ruinous to the TTDP in Telangana with massive defections of its men into TRS, while CBN allowed TTDP to drown in murky waters of Moosi.

There was always a feeling to the discerning cynics to doubt that the massive defections of TTDP into TRS were deliberately organized and are part of a political understanding that was negotiated with BJP leadership as a mediator to bring an end to the cash for vote scam.

This surrender of CBN would have suffice enough for KCR to bury the case in the archives of ACB records….

Alas….It never turned out to be like that….

And KCR, the political sorcerer began to revoke the “Mummy” of the case from the archives of Telangana ACB…

It now appears, the “Cash for vote” Mummy returned to haunt CBN.

So, why now, KCR wants to revoke the Mummy?

The case suddenly reappears in the backdrop of Chandrababu Naidu declaring an unrelenting war on Narendra Modi to expose his government’s indifference to the promises made to residuary state of Andhra Pradesh.

Thus, the sudden decision to revive the case certainly strengthens the apprehension that KCR government is doing it only at the instance of Narendra Modi who may be hell bent on scoring a few points against CBN who had embarked on maligning his reputation in AP. Or…

…Reviewing the case with elections on the horizon, KCR is trying to put a check to CBN either to limit his role in Third Front politics or to disrupt any move of CBN to ally with the Congress in Telangana.

Whatever it might be, it appears that KCR has planned something very meticulous against CBN either under directions of the BJP leadership or to check the influence of CBN in Third Front politics.

How would it impact CBN politically?  Though, conjecture of time…

The case, though, might initially cause embarrassment to him, if he is charge-sheeted as accused No.1 or summoned to present before the Courts.

He would come out clean legally, if going by the fate of cash-for-vote scams of the past, as, in all certainty, all arguments of Telangana government might be nullified in Courts with an observation that evidences collected through sting operations untenable legally.

Regardless of the impact of the revival of the case, it certainly had raised curtains for another round of political melodrama to be enacted by both KCR and CBN under the directions of BJP leadership in Telugu states.

……..And melodramas are easiest games to play on political stage.

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