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July 11
05:54 2019

by gooogle news team

Defeat is not the worst of failures. But, trying to seek an excuse for the defeat is the true failure. Even as the Semi-final match declared to be extended to be resumed on the Reserve Day, the news Headlines screamed Rain Delays Victory for team India by a day. Accordingly, when the play resumed on the Reserve morning the Indian fans began to celebrate the victory in advance in boisterous way.
But, all the noise and joy descended into melancholy and into an afternoon of agony.

The dream of Team India, the favorite to Kiss the Trophy ironically was “Ran” out, by the spirited bunch of New Zealand team. It was a case of efficiency of Black Caps trouncing the Hype of Pampered stars of Team India. Can a team that lorded over its favorite tag to win the World Cup turn into a worst team overnight?

Was the team that had dream run through out the tournament approached the semi-finals with a false sense of achievement?

Has the team lost to the conditions or is it succumbed to the pressure of the situation?

Is it a bad batting or poor strategy?

Are the Black Caps, who said to be fortunate semi-finalustd suddenly, proved to be superior team?

“45 minutes of mayhem cost us place in final”, thus spoke Kohli, the Team India Captain. In his perception it was a 45 minutes of bad cricket that made them to book return tickets to India. What we saw at Old Trafford was mindless batting by much pampered and hyped Indian top batsmen.

It seemed the Indian batsmen were flailing their swords, like graphic Rajnikanth the Kochadiyan, at imaginary windmills. The enemy was not out there, it was in their mind. A defeat is a defeat, but the manner in which the much hyped Indian Captain blaming those 45 minutes play in which the top order succumbed was infuriating. His attempt to hide behind that excuse of mayhem in those 45 minutes, makes the cricket lovers to ponder over one perplexing question-

Why should the Captain of the favorite team and the team that boasts of world beating batsmen in its line up admit that his team’s fight was over within the first 45 minutes after losing four wickets?

Was his team has no capability for a fight back?

But, without admitting, in his quest to hide behind that perplexing excuse, the Indian Captain admitted that his side doesn’t have that instinct to withstand pressure once the Top three have been sent back to the dug outs.

That the team has a soft under belly in its middle order was wrapped under covers as the team’s dream run in till that 45 minutes period was due to the Top order performance.

The middle order was never exposed to the pressure till they ran into the spirited Black Caps.

The middle order imploded when it was mattered, for the,agony of the pampered stars in the knock out game.

Will the Team India management and the selectors take stock of the reality or will they too consent with the Captain’s lame excuse of 45 minutes mayhem.

What way to see that the the team with the world’s best resources and cricketing set up and opportunities failed miserably to develop resources when it came to grooming players for important middle order positions, in thier zeal to back up support for some so called 3D players.

It was one reason for the favorite team’s knock out in semis.

It was a spineless display of the middle order and most importantly the way the captain strategists to use them in the batting order that decided the Team India journey from Old Trafford to Mubai, instead, of to Lord’s.

All the members of Indian team should remember that one can’t win matches on past reputations. It is time they stopped living on past glory and concentrated on their present form. They should learn lessons from the failures, because they might have created records, they are still ordinary human beings.

“To the teams who missed out on qualifying, we also have soft pillows to cry into, says an Ad of Peps, sleeping mats..

Hope, the Captain and his much pampered team buys a few pillows, to cry out weaknes

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