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July 10
07:18 2019

“When the sky’s falling, a politician takes shelter under bullshit.”

From the perception of Politics, Karnataka had always been a bit of ‘Black hole”, except for the Bengaluru, for the rest of the country. Thanks to the ongoing existential crisis within the Congress- JD(S) government , the state of Karnataka is turning out to be the inflexion point of Indian politics with now ever on the declining Congress bracing up to face a power hungry BJP.

All eyes across the country began to “discover” how the “Greed for Power” in the state has turned out more dirtier than the foam emitting murky waters of the lake in the outskirts of Bengaluru.
The frequent instances of governments being destabilised, states going under President’s rule, MLAs willing to be traded like commercial commodities in legislative bodies are not new to Indian politics. But, the way the BJP, which Self-trumpets of being different, is sacrificing all democratic values for the greed for power by all means is what makes the ongoing politics in Karnataka brazen.

The efforts of the BJP to destabilise the incumbent government in the state picture the sad state of democracy in the country.
The representative democracy has been reduced into business of votes and political strategy, while exposing the hypocrisy of the slogan ” Sab ka Saath – Sab ka Vikaas” as being “Sab ko Thod- BJP mein jhod”.

With governance going for a toss as result of this brazen effort to destabilize the incumbent government , it would sheer ignorance to believe that the BJP has no role in the entire on going gambit.

However, this is not to absolve the opportunistic coalition in the state of its responsibility either
All the stakeholder politics are playing power games, unmindful of ethics or people’s issues .
Though, the BJP might say it has no role to play in the present crisis, its imprimatur is unmistakable in the chaos.

The party which despite being a single largest party was denied to govern the state, the fact which the BJP rejects to accept, still feels unbearable.

It still feeling uncomfortable and below its dignity to play a responsible opposition.

To say that the whole crisis is part of BJP’s greed to seize power by all means from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Mumbai to Manipur may not be cynical or being intellectually bankrupt.

What is worrying is that this greed for expansion by all means does digress from its claimed adherence to democracy.

It seems the huge mandate the BJP gained at the center is being taken as a licence for it to patently indulge in horse trading to audaciously betray the trust bestowed on it by the voters while brazenly implementing it expansion drive.

The political drama that outspread over the past week in Karnataka is a perfect example of elected members going infuriated and it was perfect example for marketing behavior.

The development once again reminds us that, the country is forced to rethink and review its systems and practices with respect to the prevailing situation.

Change is never stress-free, but is essential for the all-round progress of the nation.

A demand for provision like “Recall Referendums” would categorically face impediments especially from the political province.

But the important questions is whether our country is ready for the change and are Indians ready to fight for that change.

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