October 05
11:11 2017

“Society has become so “FAKE” that the truth actually pinches the public”

The public of this nation was taken for a fantasy ride, soon after the Friday night of November 2016, grandiose declaration demonetisation.

It was told by the PM of the nation that Demonetisation was akin to grand churning of the ocean that would end:

1. Corruption
2. Decimate the black money
3. Take out Fake currency, there by,
4. Root out Terrorism…

Ever since that Financial surgical strike, the wondering public were stunned by the flashing numbers of money returned to the banks and about moving towards cashless economy.

No black money nor bundles of demonetised notes were found floating in Hussain Sagar to further murky its waters, nor in waste dumping yards to further the stink there .

But, the so called black money or entire lot of demonetised notes found their way to turn into white and to gain legitimacy.

It was told in rhetorical drum beating while strangling the vices those who questioned the righteousness of demonetisation that about Rs 3 lakh crore of the demonetised currency would not return to the banks.

The public were made to believe that this currency which was black would then be extinguished to lighten the liabilities of RBI.

That the demonetisation would make the corrupt to wet in their pants.

Alas, the report of the RBI has different narrative to tell.

The RBI says that Rs 15.28 lakh crore of currency, about 99% had returned to the banks or in other words turned into white or gained legitimacy or became a liability to it.

It means that a larger part of was laundered into white and put back into the system.

Well, one may argue that this will enable government to track the hoarders.

The big “Q” is does the over burdened IT department have the capacity to track down ?

Much to the dismay of the public that the demonetisation would end corruption, the vast shadow economy remains undiminished with bribes being sought in the various forms, if not in cash.

The rhetoric of demonetisation checking fake currency and terrorism also turned hollow and as manipulating as the Independence Day speech of the PM.

According to reports Rs 11.23 crore fake currency is still in circulation nine months after demonetisation, while terrorists continue keep the borders on tenter hooks.

As the rationale of its arguments melted away, the government is now taking shelter under going digital, and ending the anonymity of cash, a trait of camouflage, even chameleons find hard to adapt.

Beyond these grand numbers and claims of going digitisation etc. lies a black hole of darker numbers;

The numbers of jobs lost ,
The number of businesses that fell,
The number of manufacturing units that declared freeze in hiring,
The number of farmers who denied cash for their own sales to buy seeds in the sowing season…
Who will account for these numbers…while,

Who should be blamed for opening the way to help the hoarders to make their black money into white??
Is it not the responsibility of the commander who declared the economical surgical strike that helped the black money holders to claim moral responsibility???

Abh ki baar
Fake na kum kar Yaar

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