The story of Begum Bazar

The story of Begum Bazar

The story of Begum Bazar
September 06
15:55 2019

By gooogle news investigation Team

Hundred percent business with fifty percent taxes

– the BE”GUM” Bazar of Hyderabd

HUMDA BAZAR popularly known as BEGAM BAZAR in Hyderabad was gifted by Hamda Begum the wife of His Highness Nizam Ali Khan, Asaf Jah II to the traders and businessmen was built during Kutub Shahi Rule in the year 1770. Main Traders belong to this Market are from Rajasthan and some from Gujarat and of course from Minority Muslim community doing business from the legacy of their great-grand fathers, grand fathers and fathers from years together.

  Highlighted text The identity of Begam Bazar remains after 200 years also. Around eight to nine thousand shops are existing in this market. Always there is no space to enter and no place to step in, too crowded area, no proper planning and no proper roads. Even though the market is in a bad state of affairs, daily Crores of rupees of transactions are being done and it is very difficult to assess the turnover. God forbids if fire broke out – none can help. Even during normal days the crowd is too much, in a festival season – nothing about to think. The only snag of the bazar is the congestion and lack of hygiene. Deals worth crores of rupees are struck daily. This market is a bread-winner for hundreds of micro business people, street venders. 

Starting from Safety pin to Daily grocery items to fancy items mostly for ladies, home decors, tailors, food items, Spices, artificial jewellery, and items related to Marriage, return gifts, Nikah functions. Brass, Steel, Plastic all other items of house hold are available in this market. This Market is famous for dry fruits like cashew, kismiss, badam, walnut etc., there is a second largest fish market in Begam Bazar. All types of Electrical items – like Sadar Bazar in Delhi are available here. Daily crores of rupees turnover is being carried out but comparing to the sales, tax paid to government is very low.

The main reason for attraction to this market from the business people in Hyderabad and from other States, because the rates are cheaper comparing to other whole sale markets and secondly they can get large quantity of items without bill. No one concentrate on the quality and adulteration in food, grocery items or products etc., The market opens at 10 in the morning and the sales are upto 11pm in the night. Trades say that the exports were dropped after 1995 due to online markets like Amazon, Flipkart, ebay, Snapdeal etc.,

Adulteration spoils the quality of living standards of the public, tax evasion spoils the economy of the government. Hundreds of Crores of rupees is the loss to the Revenue of government as lot of whole sale transactions in this Begam Bazar were not on papers. Hundreds of Kilograms of Dry fruits changes hands without any paper work or bill payment there by causing huge loss to the exchequer. Adulteration of spices is the easiest form for the traders.

From house hold items to Dry fruits, palm oil to gutka, milk to cooking oil, ice-cream to honey, those behind adulteration are making crores. It was learnt that cooking oils are being prepared from animal waste and 15 kg tins are sold very cheap i.e., for few hundreds only.

For an instance, Businessmen were also found procuring gutka, on which 28 per cent GST is applicable, from other states, without bills and invoices, and selling to customers with the GST charges added, but without formal bills.

Lot of items are being Exported to Maharashtra, Kolkata and some States in South India regularly. Small and Retail traders used to purchase in bulk and sale in retail in other parts of the State as well as in the City. They are attracted here because they need not pay any single pie towards Sales Tax, GST etc.,

Wherever there is sale, it may be with Bill or without Bill, with GST or without GST, with tax or without tax, always the burden is passed on to the buyer. It is a fact that, They will collect GST but don’t pay to Government, They will collect Tax but don’t pay to Government, They always have two types of bills – white or black .

It was learnt that sensing a bad smell the Chief Minister Mr. K Chandrashekar Rao during mid 2017 has ordered the concerned officials of various departments for a crack-down on the various business establishments of this whole sale market. The task force sleuths from Police department have also escorted these officials and found large scale irregularities of evasion of taxes, adulteration of food items, maintenance of godowns in a filthy atmosphere, number of such raids were carried out and the traders were arrested but the strength on the cases were smothered out, they were left with few fines later and no concrete action was taken on any one of them, may be because of political pressures are lack of seriousness among the officials.

Any items you need either it belongs from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, you name the product – it will be available here. No quality mark over the products. From genuine items to subsidised, hygiene to un-hygiene, pure to adultered, with tax or without tax, with bill or without bill it is basically your choice.

If the things are put to place and the tax are earned at least for the fifty percent of sales on a daily average, the market will become as a backbone to the Government Revenue.

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