May 08
06:27 2018

When the sky’s falling, a politician takes shelter under bullshit.”
From the perception of Politics, Karnataka had always been a bit of ‘Black hole”, except for the Bengaluru, for the rest of the country.
Thanks to the Assembly elections, the state of Karnataka is turning out to be the inflexion point of Indian politics with a resurgent Congress bracing up to face a headstrong BJP.
All eyes across the country began to “discover” that enigmatic region called Karnataka, (Enigmatic, because, the people of the region, to this day, are confused on the name of their language- is it Karnataki or Kannadi?).
The elections in Karnataka, this time around, have raised curiosity levels of the people across the country, as,…..
…… for the first time, since 2014 elections where it was ruthlessly routed out of power , the Congress is being perceived as actually putting up a fight against the BJP, especially, in a direct fight, (unlike in Gujarat where it had support of the young leaders like Hardik Patel and Jignesh Mewani etc.).
This is no way meant to predict that Congress had emerged as a force to reckon and would have a walkover in Karnataka, but, if the ongoing  political discourse in Karnataka to be any reflection, the next few rounds of Indian politics in the run up to 2019 elections, promise to be evenly matched.
The perception that the Congress would put up a fight actually led to a belief that the Modi mantra no longer would cast a hallucination that makes everything else disappear from the voters’ mind.
This belief replaced the main Plank of Vikaas (Development) with Bakwaas (Bullshit), wherein, caste, regional factors, personal attacks, revoking history, appropriating Karnataka’s religious icons, everything that has nothing to do with the Modi’s so called “Sab ka Saath Sab Ka Vikaas”(With all-Development of All) — have become important issues of the Modi’s election campaign.
The campaign of BJP spearheaded by Modi himself appears more noisy accusing the Congress government of being anti-Hindu and appropriating Basaveshwara’s ideology which ironically an anti-thesis of BJP’s Hindutva to seeking recourse to how the Military heroes of Karnataka and Deve Gouda, the “son of the soil” were insulted by the Congress to indulge in Personal attacks on Rahul Gandhi, etc.
The desperation could be seen in the public discourse of naamdaar versus kaamdaar (someone identified by lineage versus someone identified for work done) debate, an effort to ignite passions of ordinary people against Gandhi Dynasty.
Modi, the star campaigner, spared no thought, to politicise even rapes in his campaign.
 The campaign of the BJP’s star campaigner, so far,  is not much in terms of implementing his poll promises on many fronts he made during the 2014 campaign, except, dishing out rhetorical slogans and acronyms and keep harping on the supposed mess created by the Congress.
 In 2014, Modi had a better narrative than his opponents. To the electorate, pushed back to the walls by non-performing government at the centre, his promise of “Achche Din” made more sense.
 The present campaign seemed to have taken off from where it ended in 2014.
 The tone and tenor sound desperation. There are less calls for Vikaas (development), but aspiration for more invective rhetoric from the leader himself.
 It was a more personalised campaign against his rivals, throwing focus on transformative oratory to the winds.
 In short, Modi the excellent orator, seemed to have been faltering on his strength.
 Instead of presenting a simple yet convincing narrative, he is desperately resorting to cheap personalised statements, and getting reduced to making the same mistake which his opponents did in 2014- run anti-campaign.
Why? What has changed?

 The answer is very simple: He has realised that his Jumlas are no more convincing the electorate.
 Promises of employment are substituted by advice to youth to Pakoda selling, setting up of Pan Shops.
  Recovery of black money is replaced by push for forcing the public to go for credit card economy and created distrust of the people on banking system.
  ‘Make in India’, ‘Smart City’, bullet train, river linking are all projects that exist only on paper.
 If it was the conspiracy against the Son of soil in Gujarat, it is Insult against the Son of soil in Karnataka.
 Modi seems to be the only PM of the country since independent India who uses his emotions smartly to make masses believe of his action rather than the substance of the actions.
  He seems to be the master of knowing Indian public pulse rather than their actual need.
    It remains to be seen how long he is able to sway the public opinion in his favour with these two gifts—his smart emotions and weak opposition, to replace Vikaas with Bakwaas.

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