vizag steel plant an albatoss the making for BJP?

vizag steel plant an albatoss the making for BJP?

vizag steel plant an albatoss the making for BJP?
February 17
20:28 2021

but hurt the sentiments and the wound lasts a lifetime.”

Even as the protests snowball into a massive agitation and slowly assuming a political bearing against the Centre’s decision to privatize Vizag Steel Plant(VSP), one of its Navaratna PSEs and the Pride of Andhra Pradesh over the decades, a delegation of the AP BJP led by Somu Veerraju, its State President have been running pillar to post in the power corridors of New Delhi (with almost begging hands) to appeal the powers that be to reconsider the decision.

Ever since the decision to privatize the VSP came into open, the port city has been witnessing a commotion of agitations (still at nascent stage) with people from different walks of life hitting the streets demanding a roll back of the Centre’s decision to privatize the steel plant, which the Andhrites held close to their hearts as a symbol of pride for decades.

Nearly after four decades (1966) of witnessing a massive movement that symbolized a fight for “Pride of Andhrites” seeking the establishment of the plant in Vizag, signs are now in open for mobilization similar movement to protect the plant from privatization.The then public movement had led to the resignation of 66 MLAs and 7 MPs belonging to CPI and CPM, while around 30 people sacrificed their lives in support of the demand for the steel plant in the Port City.

Though the then Centre (crumbling under pressure of the massive movement of Andhrites) agreed to establish the public sector steel plant in Visakhapatnam as the first shore-based steel maker in the country, at a time when the Narendra Modi led government (with brute majority) is going all out with its privatization agenda(while not even hesitating to crush dissenting movements anointing various kinds of conspiracy theories to them), the present agitations and public demands, which are at nascent stage, for the retention of VSP in the public sector are not likely to yield any result,…..…. unless they turn massive and force an electoral expediency on the part of the BJP.

At the most they might turn detrimental to the efforts of the BJP to consolidate itself as an alternative to both YSRCP and the TDP.The actual ground reality might be harsh and bitter for those think tanks within the BJP that perceives that ‘All is Well” for the party in AP where it is banking upon time tested Hindutva politics of communal polarization.

The decision to sell the VSP came at a time the BJP is yet to convince the people of AP who are nursing an ire against it on why it failed to fulfill the promise of granting SCS or fulfill all that was promised to the state in AP-reorganization Act-2014 or why it continues treat them with discrimination.

The BJP is leaving no stone unturned to emerge as an alternative, perceiving that the political relevance of TDP is done and dusted (or scattered like Amaravati dreams) with its electoral rout, by piggybacking only on Hindutva plank and on the so called growing undercurrent resentment of the people against YS Jagan for his alleged policies of reverse development and vendetta politics.

There is no doubt a section of the society in AP is disillusioned with YS Jagan for so called vendetta politics in reversing various policies of the predecessor government, the continued ambiguity over the future of the Amaravati as the state capital, the ongoing legal battles, while several of his policies were caught in legal whirlpool.

However, the decision to sell the VSP might turn out to be one more opportunity for the parties like TDP led by the “Andhra version of Apara Chanakya”, Chandrababu Naidu, to project the issue as another move that made Andhra a victim of Modi’s apathy in fulfilling the promises made by him to the people of AP. Not very long time ago, to be precise, just seven years ago (in politics not an age for people to develop amnesia on what was promised to them), the despondent people of the ravaged residuary state of Andhra had been taken for a fantasy ride on a plethora of promises during the election campaign(2014) by the trio of- Modi-CBN-Pawan Kalyan.

During the electioneering, the Trio had got carried away with its “special category status” waffle and was boastfully telling the despairing people, the state’s bad dream would be finally over and the Trio would undo all the injustice meted out to the state due to the bizarre bifurcation of the state by the more weird Congress think tanks.

The Trio’s 2014 “SCS” campaign was packaged as an exercise to undo the injustice meted out to the state by the alleged mindless act of the Congress mercilessly bisecting the state that stood by it every crisis in the past.At that time the state of Andhra Pradesh was completely in a mess (of course, it is no different now) and its people were in despair wandering over their future.Today, they are once again forced to watch in despair as the BJP led central government whose Head had promised a paradise, is all set to sell VSP, their Pride, while CBN and Pawan Kalyan the “Partners of Deception” are now ironically decided to rally the masses against it.

All those that rallied behind Modi and those now rallying around AP BJP’s Hindutva plank would soon discover themselves that ‘The magician has no magic wand; it is only a sleight of hand”.Let there be no doubt that in democratic governance, disappointment is in-built.

The decision to put VSP( Andhra’s Pride) to auction would soon become a “Gale ki Haddi”(An Albatross) to the BJP watering down all its Mission AP strategies.“Save VSP- Save Andhra’s Pride” would be theme song of the political narrative in the run up to the next elections in AP.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Andhra Pradesh is not in the throes of a chaotic civil unrest as yet, but the shortsightedness ( Read arrogance/audacity) of those at the helm with their decision to auction Pride of Andhra could ignite such a situation.

“Tu maan ya na maan, ab ye waqt waqt ki baat hai; aaj ban gaya hoon khud sawal, kabhi har sawal ka jawab tha” (whether you agree or not, it’s a matter of time, today I myself became a question, who once was the answer to every question).                                                                                                                                                                                                             In the present scenario of center’s decision to sell VSP, both Modi and the AP BJP could find resonance in the appropriateness of the above words….as the decision to sell Andhra Pride is likely to be met with political implications…..*…..And they might witness things falling apart for their “Mission AP” strategy…….( No doubt, CBN might be smiling for the unforeseen opportunity that came his way and YS Jagan might be wondering on how to face the challenge.

Will AP BJP realize the predicament that it is in now, may be the desperateness of its AP delegation  running pillar to post in the power corridors of New Delhi reflects the same.                                                                                                                                                                 …                                                                                                                                                                                                          Will “Save VSP- Save Pride of Andhra” be a “Toolkit of democracy” to throw a challenge to BJP’s brute majoritarian policies?……..A conjecture of time…..

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