October 20
09:57 2019

“In a democracy, the people live in a world of comforting illusions. They can allow themselves to be deceived by false realities”.

Sometimes, one needs a perspective, whether right or wrong, to understand, the style of politics of leaders like KCR, the self-anointed “Father of Telangana”.

Ponder over his “Don’t care attitude, come what may”, even as the ongoing RTC strike assuming the tendencies of Telangana movement and despite the High Court warnings of the consequences of revolt by the people.

Is this attitude of him an endorsement of progressive and developed Telangana under his leadership?….

….Or is he over-confident of enjoying the people’s confidence in him?

You can get answers to these puzzles, provided you have a perspective.

In both 2014 and 2018, KCR rode to power on the promise of a Bangar Telangana (A progressive Telangana).

By implication, the highly aspirant voter of Telangana was promised that he would be led out of the dark age of Andhra-colonial regime, and would be led into a Telangana of his aspiration.

The average Telangana voter sighed in relief.

The Telangana voter continues to be so, because he was naïve and still celebrating the statehood of his aspirations and is mired in high expectations from KCR, their only leader ( in the absence of a credible opposition), the champion of Telangana cause.

Only the most gullible will believe that development can be delivered to a people without any change in their outlook and personal empowerment.

The proof that someone is really interested in development is that he does all he can to remove the hindrances to development.

In this respect also, the Telangana voter was misled and continued to be so.

He was told that the only hindrance for development was the misrule of Andhra-colonial regime.

Therefore, cleaning the mess created by the Andhra-colonial regime was/is, he was/is told, a developmental imperative.

Telangana people herded together and responded hysterically to this call and continue to be so.

Thus, KCR continued to lord over Telangana empire, accompanied by an army of monstrous hyper-expectations…….. And…..

…Most importantly, in the absence of a credible opposition, which is bankrupt of ideas, while it had continued to bank upon the old mental model of “grand old politics”…. And…..

… In the total absence of unwillingness of the main opposition to design the tactics to the prevailing narrative.

When compared to KCR’s method of politics, the “Main Opposition” looks outdated and unconnected and hardly willing to learn lessons.

One could see the main opposition party’s “self-terminating” gene is active and kicking, in its dilemma over its role in championing the cause of RTC strike.

In the backdrop of a credible and a willing opposition to take on him, KCR is confident that his power can only run on freebies of astronomical proportions to the people.

And as long as he can win the confidence of the people by doling out freebies, he can continue to deal with the striking employees with his own style of functioning.

His seat in power can be secured only with the votes of the common man, whose interests have to be bargained by keeping him in good humour by doling out freebies without irritating him to voice his concerns on the government’s failure to ful fill the demands of a section of employees, fulfilling whose demands would be detrimental to the economic progress of the state.

It was nothing but manipulation of the people by raising expectations by projecting problems and pretending to have magical solutions for them.

The Telangana people are helpless in respect of solutions in the face of perceived absence of a credible opposition that is in comatose and finds no exit out from Gandhi Bhavan.

This is their vulnerability and KCR’s Confidence.

Thus, KCR is simply confident that by giving away monthly cash bonuses to the people, he can always be in control of any situation and the ongoing RTC strike is one such situation, he could take control of anytime, if he wished so.

It is for his cash handouts to the people and absence of an opposition, he is over-confident.

The scores of TV commentators and political experts who boomed on various channels throughout the RTC Bandh day could see everything else including the strike assuming the traits of Telangana movement.


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