October 05
13:11 2017

“Voting in an Eelection is a method used to determine which politician was most able to brainwash you.”

Election results are always a subject of introspection and often will be a subject of discussions and the results of the Nandyal by-polls would be no exception for that matter, as, never before in the political history of AP, had any by-elections been so critically and bitterly been fought by the contesting parties.

Both the TDP and the YSRCP, the main contestants took the polls so seriously as if the results would impact their political future adversely.

The campaign into the polls were so bitter that both Chandrababu, the leader of the ruling party and YS Jagan, the Leader of the Opposition, in their desperation to win the by-poll, had thrown caution to the winds and reduced the political battle into a bitter personal rivalry between them.

In the whole narrative YS Jagan appeared to be “Macbeth”, the Shakespearean Character who was over-ambitious and whose desire to become the King then and there, a character flaw which brought him down.

It seems YS Jagan is suffering from a “Compulsive CM post Obsession Disorder”.

In his suffering from the said disorder, YS Jagan indulged in Bodyline attack and virulent campaign against Chandrababu Naidu, which reflected his lack of temperance and experience.

The Nandyal result showed Jagan had shot himself in the foot with his virulence. If he had to pin the blame for the humiliating loss on anyone, it would be himself. The margin of over 27,000 votes is a story in itself, that the voters of Nandyal have rejected Jagan and his brand of politics.

In his eagerness to win the by-poll through virulent attack on Chnadrababu, YS Jagan failed to gey his basics right.

Instead of tapping the resentment in the Rayalaseema region over Naidu’s over-emphasis on the Amaravati capital region and neglecting other parts of the bifurcated state, he centered his campaign on how treacherous Chandrababu Naidu and on why should be shot dead in the open.

Not that Naidu covered himself with glory during the campaign. By questioning those who vote for the YSRC as to why they avail of government schemes, Naidu forgot he is chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, not of the TDP

The problem with the YSRC is no leader has the courage to tell YS Jagan that the king is naked and that while aggression is acceptable, personal attacks especially of the vicious kind are not.

Three years ago, Jagan lost because of the corruption taint on him and his lack of sobriety and experience.

Nandyal is proof he still has not learnt his lesson.

The takeaway from Nandyal is that while Jagan attracts the crowds and his party polled nearly 70, 000 votes, they do not quite translate into the win.

Nandyal is a reminder that people expect him to be not just a leader, but a statesman as well.

Notwithstanding the results, by turning the contest into do-or-die battle and a straight fight between the TDP and the YSRCP, an unusual characteristic of a By-Poll, made sure that the political scenario continues to remain a contest between him and Chandrababu and other plyers like the Congress, Jana Sena and BJP watching from the sidelines.

No election can be a trend setter for the other, and the Nandyal By-poll is no exception to that principle.

The AAP which routed in recently held Delhi Municipal corporation elections won the By-Poll pushing the BJP to a distant second.

The TDP which won only two by-polls in 52 By-elections held between 2009 and 2014, had won the elections in 2014.

One election cannot be taken as decisive trend for the future.

However, the Nandyal By-Poll offers a lesson to YS Jagan as well as Chandrababu to introspect and strategize accordingly to gear up for the main battle in 2019.

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