“It’s not necessary that the arrow that is shot shall hit the target the bowman intended.”

Thus, therefore, the probability of the bowman’s arrow hitting the intended target does not lie in the arrow or the target, but it lies in the mind of the bowman…..

Even as YS Sharmila Reddy, sister of YS Jagan, the Chief Minister of AP held a meeting with the close associates of Late YSR, her father, at Lotus Pond, Hyderabad in an effort to understand the ground realities to float a Political Party in Telangana, every political party worth its existence in the region began to react that she is an arrow left by their respective rivals to hit their respective vote bank.

Though, she was non-committal on her plans citing a guise that she needed to ascertain ground realities before floating a party, the mainstream political parties of Telangana have left no second wasted to react and give the requisite traction to her forays into the state polity.

While both the Congress and the BJP alleged that she is an arrow left by KCR and a return gift presented to him by YS Jagan to help him to polarize the anti-incumbency votes, as any substantial anti-incumbency vote cutting by her party would better serve his itnerests to retain the power in 2023 Assembly elections, TRS accused that she is a Trojan horse deployed by the BJP.

Thus, YS Sharmila, the uninvited entrant into Telangana polity with a slogan of “Rajanna Rajyam” has no doubt managed to stir a storm, albeit in the political tea cup with the mainstream parties accusing her of being an arrow that is left by their respective rivals.

Now, the question is – “Whose arrow is she?” and whose votes will she hit or will the arrow hit the intended target or sways away from its direction?

The wise say that truth is as straight as an arrow, while a lie swivels like a snake.

Given her slogan of ‘Rajanna Rajyam”, her mission, as being played to the gallery, is to establish the kind of rule the region witnessed in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh under Late YSR, her father.
But the real headline was not Sharmila’s foray into Telangana politics. But the supposed differences with her brother and the absence of his photos in the flexis at her meeting, manifestation that he cold shouldered her political ambitions or her intentions to float a party in Telangana from where, YSRCP, his party has been on eternal retreat.

While such headline might serve the political purpose of Chandrababu Naidu and his TDP in AP to target on the credibility of YS Jagan with a propaganda that she is an victim of yet another treachery of YS Jagan and the arrow left by him going in reverse direction and that he owes an explanation to the AP people on why he cheated on his own sister.

But, how could either she or her party floated, if any, be a game changer in T-politics, while both her father and her brother’s party are known to be “Anti-Telangana” advocates, a perception that would be a limitation along with the usual questions that she would face on whether she would support the construction of various irrigation projects on Krishna and Godavari rivers by her brother’s government in AP that would be detrimental to the interest of Telangana.

The Congress that found a reason in her to open the gates of Gandhi Bhavan, while jumping the gun in its reaction accused her of being an arrow left to cut into its vote banks among the Reddy and Dalith Christian communities to help KCR.

They accused KCR of scripting, directing the plot of her entry into Telangana.

Presuming that she would float a political party, she would naturally and apparently hopes to rally around the supporters of Late YSR, mostly the leaders of Reddy community who went directionless and pushed into a political minority( into oblivion) after bifurcation and the eternal retreat of YSRCP from the region and migrated to TRS camps.

Therefore, such a scenario of her rallying these communities that are now supporting and vote banks of TRS would only impact TRS to certain extent and the Congress to a greater extent, a discourse which would certainly help the BJP, that is consolidating its vote bank among Telangana Hindus, while projecting KCR, a beardless Mullah and Anti-Hindu, as of now.

And, at the most, her party, if any, would serve as an asylum to those Reddy and other supporters of late YSR in the Congress that are vacillating on whether to join BJP, a possibility, which might be a manifestation of the purpose of her perceived “Bowman” to stop the defections of any kind to the BJP

*It’s an open secret that YS Jagan is in tacit understanding with the BJP to buy reprieve in the cases being investigated by central agencies like the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate.
Such reported ‘tacit understanding of YS Jagan with the BJP in AP sparked speculations that she is floating the party at the behest of the BJP which forced her brother to ask her to be part of the BJP’s political designs in Telangana, perceiving that her denting the vote bank of TRS and Congress among the said sections that support these two parties would help BJP to a greater extent.

On the other hand, KCR’s new found strategy of keeping the AIMIM at a distance has robbed the BJP off a plank to target him on communal lines.
Late YSR besides Dalith Christians had cultivated a vote bank among Muslims, but the bifurcation and the emergence of KCR as the invincible leader helped them to rally around him.

The Muslims are likely to rally around KCR wherever the AIMIM is not contesting and is weak.

Thus, YS Sharmila Reddy would be interested (Read would be directed by her political directors) to forge an alliance with the AIMIM which would be expedient to have an ally in the event of KCR sticking to his present strategy, so that Owaisi could not only find an ally but also help her party to win the Muslims that rallied around her father in the past, thus impacting the crucial vote bank of KCR in majority of the constituencies.

If Owaisi reaches any kind of electoral understanding with Sharmila, he would surely cut into TRS vote bank, another scenario that would further help the BJP. ( recall how the AIMIM and TRS contesting on their own helped BJP gain in recent local body elections in Nizamabad and GHMC etc.).

If the reports that she is on mission to help the BJP’s cause is correct, she would certainly be forced to forge an alliance with Owaisi to cut into Muslim vote bank of TRS and no surprises, if such scenario unfolds, as there are few elections across the country without the role of Owaisi, who has now acquired a tag of being BJP’s secret sauce in several elections, successfully polarizing the non-BJP vote bank.

Therefore, the biggest takeaway from such a scenario is the fact that any significant division of the Muslim vote by Sharmila with Owaisi standing by her, would be the deciding factor in a maximum number of assembly segments in Telangana, rocking the apple cart of KCR.

Given the above scenarios, one could guess from whose bow, Sharmila, the arrow, was released and who is its intended target..
It’s the grand strategy, ever bigger one from the BJP in Telangana.

The question is will the arrow hit the intended target or deviate from its direction to fall flat?

The success of the Arrow hitting the intended target would be easier said than done, except for garnering the eyeballs or hoopla in TV debates for TRP ratings for now…..

For now the once “Jaganna Baanam”( Once the Arrow of Jagan) would only help CBN to unleash a propaganda against him in AP, while it would give a fodder for the Telangana Congress, BJP and TRS to further their allegations and counter-allegations against one another, only to give a needless traction to the uninvited entrant into Telangana politics

It’s time for now these parties to sing “O meri O meri Sharmila, Na aaona, Tharsaaona” (O’ my Sharmila, come not this way to torment our applecart)….